Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Follow Up : Another Hot Cold day in Mideast

Ok we will start with the most recent updates of the death and injured tolls
  • Death Toll : 384 ‘Another 20 and they will reach 400 !!’
  • Injured Toll : 1680
  • Today with the Egypt hate day in the Arab world , our consulate in Aden was attacked and the Palestinian flag replaced the Egyptian flag.
  • Our Embassy in Sudan was very to follow its sister Consulate in Aden , I will comment soon about this.
  • Mubarak spoke in a televised surprising speech defending his position and decisions regarding this crisis …also this deserves a separate post to comment on.
  • The Protests continued across Egypt.
  • The MB had a protest in the Kasr El-Aniny,about 500 people came and the security stormed it and arrested the protesters that are being transported right now.
  • The Arabs did not agree on the timing of the Arab summit up till now.
  • Here is the Press release of the UN regarding the situation in Gaza
More to come insh Allah.

FOR GAZA by ~AnubisGraph on deviantART

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