Egyptian Chronicles: US Campaign to end the Israeli Occuptation

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

US Campaign to end the Israeli Occuptation

I know that it is impossible for something like this to happen. But at least it is trial, we should do all what we can to end this blind bias.
This is for the Americans who believe that the US bias towards Israel with politically or financial should end immediately.

US Campaign to end the Israeli occupation

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  1. Izzayik Zeinobia,

    I will be the FIRST American to step up to the plate on this one.... I have always believed in the U.S. bias and I am of Jewish origin/Christian in faith and I believe that Mohamed was a prophet of God. I have always believed what happened in Israel/Palestine was very similar to what happened when the white man came to America and slaughtered the Natives.. why -- power, greed, control of the land... Sooo unfair. Why can't we all just live together in PEACE?! Is this not possible for Mankind?! I think the Muslims and the Jews are cousins, people of the book- Wasn't there in fact a time in history when they lived side by side and in peace? It both sickens me and saddens me to see what has been happening in this land... Just so sad.. I call out for Peace..
    Take care...

  2. Thank so much Leesa ,this is the spirit we need :)
    Please spread this link


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