Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Innocent still guilty

Mubarak and his regime are innocent of knowing the timing of the Israeli attack on Gaza in advance thanks to Livni.

Livni spoke to Al Jazeera channel yesterday saying that she did not inform any Arabic leader about the timing of the attack , already she does not need to inform any one of them !!

Now Mubarak is innocent but he is still guilty of not opening the crossing at least to let the medical aids pass except now with the Israeli approval.

He is guilty because he as the President of EGYPT can do a lot to save the Gaza sector and the Egyptian dignity . I can’t stop blaming him for putting us in this situation. He gave those who hate Egypt in the Arab world the opportunity on a golden plate !!??

I do not know how he will get from this trouble , this is not an Egyptian national problem, it is more than that !!?


  1. Of course she is going to say she didn't tell him.

    Of course she told him. Don't be so gullible and naive.

    Of course Mahmoud Abbas and friends knew. Palestinians sell each other out all of the time.
    And it's to their advantage as well. Nothing happens in secret and everything is well thought out and planned.

    It's to the Egyptian government's advantage to rid itself of Hamas, cousins of Egypt's MB.

    Only real victims in this are the civilians that were naive enough to vote in Hamas and are probably regretting it by the minute.

    Egypt doesn't care what other Arabs think. It hasn't since it signed the Camp David peace treaty and was ostracized.

    Egyptian people angry with their own government over mounting prices, high unemployment etc. are looking for any excuse to protest their government.

    Don't forget how Palis celebrated in the streets the day Sadat was assassinated. Trust me when I tell you that sadly, they would not be demonstrating if things were reversed.

  2. It is not the Egyptian people we blame, although we do partially. All people are worthy and deserving of their commander. We are angry at your president!
    I would embrace Egyptian brothers and sisters any day, but could never comprehend the support of some for Mubarak, the laughing stock of the world! Yes, Hamas is at fault and yes one more time, Mubarak is more than at fault!
    I think the Egyptian people should take to the streets and ask for a new government. The Mubarak legacy should not be one! Enough!

  3. Blame Egypt: all the cool kids are doing it!by Sandmonkey

    The conflict that's been going on for the past 4 days in Ghaza is kind of horrific, with both sides sharing some the blame(Hamas for being its stupid and reckless self, and Israel doing it's own rendition of what the wrath of the old testement god would look like today). The arab world decided that it will take a stand, and place the full blame on one party, and, here is the twist, it wasn't Israel or Hamas. They instead chose to blame Egypt. Sweet, huh?

    Heading the charge are the Jordanians, the Lebanes and the Syrians- not to mention some of our own "oh-being-arab-is-so-awesome-we-wish-we-were-arab" self-hating dicks, and some gulfies. The rationale being that somehow, Egypt is not doing enough to support the palestinian cause, and is to blame for the Ghaza blockade. The rationale completely skips that 1) Egypt tends to honor it's international agreements, even if we don;t like it, 2) The coordination for opening the border happens between us and the Palestinian authority, which was overthrown by a nice bloody coup exacted by Hamas, and 3) Hamas is the kind of islamist terrorist organization that we don;t really wish to legitimize or support, let alone give access to a part of our country that witnessed 3 seperate terrorist attacks in the last 4 years, 2 of which targeting Israeli tourists. Also, in a great twist of irony, all of those people blaming us have a sordid history of fucking over (and sometimes killing, in thousands i might add) the palestinians themselves: Jordanians with Black september, Lebanese with Sabra and Shatila, the syrians by stoking the fires and never actually doing anything to support them except getting beaten at wars, and the gulfies by being total fags and never actually doing anything, ever. But yes, blame Egypt. We are clearly at fault here.

    So, as a special service to all of you f*ckers who are badmouthing my country, which- by the way- fought 4 f*ckin wars for the palestinian cause and lost more people than all of you (and hey, got it's land back fully too, how about that?), I would like you to take the opprutunity in my comment section to Blame Egypt for all of your ills and misgivings, not to mention your fuckin impotence and uselessness. Please, knock yourself out. We can take it, because we are not small-time self-righteous detached-from-reality whiney bitches.

    Have a lovely day!

  4. @Zainabsr
    Egyptians will revolt against their government someday.. it will come one way or another... but believe me.. it should NEVER be for any case but an Egyptian one...

    I will teach my Children the lesson very well..


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