Thursday, December 4, 2008

It was better if You did not fire back Sheikh Tantawy

Sheikh Mohamed Sayed Tantawy of Al Azhar is being under huge fire thanks to his historical shake hand moment with Shimon Perez in the United Nations.
The man was silent on the attacks but decided to justify his act in the worst way every.
He did not know that the man he shook his hand was Shimon Perez; the President of Israel !!
I think he should have been silent till the end !! Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” once
“The believer either to say something good or to be silent”
He did not follow this prophetic quote as far as I see.
This is even worse than shaking the hand of Perez !! He does know not the President of Israel and he is the head of Al Azhar !!?? Sheikh Tantawy holds what can some consider as the biggest and most influential position in the Sunni World ,despite in Islam we do not the Pope figure and yet he does not know the President of Israel.You got to be kidding me
The anger in the Egyptian street that refuses the naturalization of relations with Israel goes to the fact that this is Sheikh of the grand honourable Al Azhar that stood against the invaders since it was built as a Mosque in the Middle age !!?? How could he shake the hand of a man whose country kills other Muslims systemically and wants to erase the second holiest site for Muslims ??
But let’s be honest that grand honourable Al Azhar is longer there.
For God sake people Tantawy is being appointed by the President ,he is not elected or chosen as before in the past.
It does not matter to me if he apologizes or not ,it does not matter to me if the government dismiss him from his position because I know that they will bring someone who is worst than him  !!
Sheikh Tantawy please respect your age,your position and fear God.


  1. "Sheikh Tantawy please respect your age,your position and fear God "......... That all what I want to say on this subject .
    Many of the leaders and politicians met Israeli officials ... but Sheikh Al Azhar ... This is I can not accept or Or understand ...

  2. So what if he shook the hand of Perez!!
    Big deal! Lfe goes on people! The prophet PBUH still spoke to those who did not like him and fought against him and Islam. So now, everything is always put in political terms! Let's return to our real roots! That should help quite a bit!

  3. @Anon.
    Shaking hands is not the main issue here, but lying and pretending the he didn't knew it was Perez! Come on, what a childish reaction from the Sheikh!

  4. I agree with you regarding the justification and concerning firing him won't do any good.
    I also agree with Anonymous about the Prophet actions towards people who didn't like him or fought against him and there are many incidents that can relate to this.

  5. At least he is better than the Iranian Ayatollah sistany of Iraq or the Sodomised freak Ali Khameini- who slep with the Americans at night than stab the true Arab Iraqi resistance in the daylight- for doing in the daylight

  6. @Effendenia ,the worst thing that he is meeting them in a weak position.

    @anonymous,you are right if our government is not weak and the Israelis really respect us. They know very well that he is taking orders from his government.

    @Tarek,this even is worse and shows how weak he is

    @Gee,The Prophet "PBUH" did not give up his right , he was strong not weak like our government

    @anonymous, Happy Eid Amr :P


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