Egyptian Chronicles: Bring Me that woman

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bring Me that woman

President Mubarak watched the situation and felt that something was going to happen , Israel was going to launch the attack and thus he told us : Bring me that woman so he can tell her not to attack the sector !!

Ahmed Abu El-Gait speaking in the national TV with Lamis El-Hadidy last week to defend and justify his president’s position and Livni visit to Cairo last Thursday !!??

Bring Me That woman !!

Abu El-Gait should stop defending his president , he only made him look much worse.

It seems that Mubarak really respects Livni and she meets his respect for sure in the best way ,she did not give a damn for what she had been told by the president of the biggest Arab country according to this.


Mubarak with that woman

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  1. That woman happens to be a radical Ashkenazi Jew. The more Palestian innocents she kills in this war, the more votes she gets in the upcoming elections from her fellow Russians. Shame on Mubarak! Or shall I say, by looking at this picture, Tutankhamun?

  2. well Tutankhamun was a sweet little pharaoh please do not compare him to Mubarak !! This woman will lose because of her falling soldiers


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