Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the end of the day I feel sad

In the end of the day believe it or not I feel sad  when I see these photos below, in the same way I feel sad when I read that Nasser photos in 1961 were torn in Syria after the end of the UAE , when I read and see the photos of Sadat torn across the Arab world after Camp David. What hurts me more is that most of the time we were right and now we are wrong , we have to admit that we made huge mistakes following the United States and Israel  but our regime is arrogant to admit it.


These photos were taken in Jordan yesterday in front of our Embassy  , which is another member in the “so-called moderate Arab countries club”. Of course I do not need to defend Mubarak because tomorrow I know that an army of his regime media will go and remind the people of Jordan with the dirty laundry of late King Hussein who informed the Israelis with the time of the 1973 where as Mubarak was the hero of the air force strike.


“Would Mubarak of 1973 accept this route he took in his life if he knew what was going to happen now and that his images would be destroyed like that ??” Sometimes I wonder !!

I feel sad for him because in the early time of his rule he tried hard to get us back to the Arab world and everything seemed going so well 50419061 until Saddam did what he had done in 1990 and strangely I believe Egypt officially in the Kuwait crisis acted as the EGYPT and Mubarak acted as the President of Egypt.

This photo was for Mubarak in 1990 in the famous Baghdad summit on the 30th of May 1990 to be exact.

I won’t speak about the internal affairs of Egypt because strangely our internal affairs are similar to all other Arab countries , but I will speak about one thing.

Israel ultimate wish is to alienate Egypt from the rest of the Arab world and it managed to do it now officially. Both Egypt and the Arab world will be weak without each other and if we convince ourselves that we are great without the Arab world ,then we are wrong, well remember that without the Arab worlds we are not leader country, we need the Arab world as much it needs us. I will not speak about the economy or romantic historical nostalgia or about religion but I will speak about our national security.

President Sadat was planning to return back to the Arab world but fate did not give him a chance , Mubarak had this chance and he blew it unfortunately.


  1. Intresting reflection and you put into words what I think many of us feel.

  2. I feel sad too when I see this..
    At the end of the day, I don't fully hate Mubarak.. el 3eshra mat-honshi.. lol!

    But the reactions are so teasing.. when king Hussin of Jordan did the same years ago.. no one burnt his picture in Egypt, though we all of his treason..

    It hurts! despite what we really feel..
    But.. it really hurts!

  3. Small correction: it was the UAR (United Arab Republic) not the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

  4. Maybe Mubarak is right in his position toward the rest of the Arabs ,Let him explain to us ,What is his point?


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