Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Starbucks in Beirut is closed for a day

Starbucks, the famous Starbucks branch was closed in Beirut for a day because of the protests.There are calls and actual respond to it across the Arab world to boycott the American products especially 84268245 those products associated with Israel in a way or another.

Of course the Arabic public is convinced that Starbucks in America gives annual donation to the IDF due to the fact that founder and the owner of Starbucks is a Jew, to be honest this is not enough to draw a conclusion that the chain donates to the IDF but news like that one makes the Arab public thinks twice.

Starbucks-IDF rumours are bit old rumours even before it opens its  branches in Egypt ,it was fought in the Arab world.

I remember one day I received any email about the logo of Starbucks and its history , saying that it is the Hebrew Princess that saved the Jews in Babylonian  ancient time  where in reality it is another whole thing.

Strangely for the first time Starbucks responds on these claims officially :

Starbucks is a publicly traded company with stores in 49 countries. Though our thousands of partners (employees) and business associates around the globe have diverse views and share many beliefs about a wide range of topics, our primary focus remains to deliver the best customer experience possible. Starbucks is a non-political organization and does not support political causes. Further, the political preferences of a Starbucks partner at any level have absolutely no bearing on Starbucks company policies.

Well they had to fire back after what happened in London , after all it was a bad choice to open a Starbucks in front of the Israeli Embassy.


Anyhow reading back the statement especially the underlined part ,we understand Schultz can be donating money to the IDF still it does express the official Starbucks policy,unfortunately he is  donating from the money he gets from Starbucks profits in the end of the day .

In Egypt despite the calls of boycott through websites, the Facebook and email groups did not affect Starbucks taking in consideration it has not open lots of branches like in GCC. I was beside the Shooting Club last Friday and I saw Starbucks beside T.G. Fridays and it was full of customers despite the cold weather ,by the way my favourite cafes are Cilantro and Costa.n636755944_1368997_9171

It is not only Starbucks chain that is threatened by boycott across the Arab world but several if not all the American brands regardless if they were direct investments or franchises.

The calls to boycott the fast-food chains and consumer goods are back with full lists of names of those brands and their substitutes whether in Europe or locally.

I know that this is an effective weapon if it is wisely used in the correct time in the correct way.

I remember how in the second Intifida and also in the invasion of Iraq the fast food chains in Egypt along with Coca cola and Pepsi were harmed that now they are all reminding us with the magical words “It is made by Egyptian hands”. I remember how the people appeared in National TV to remind people then that by boycotting they were harming our economy …etc .

From one point boycotting  can harm our economy in the time of recession still we can make it and live by the end of the day especially that it sends a powerful message abroad from the people of the region itself.

I think that the boycott should include also the films and Hollywood actors that attacks Arab and the Palestinians like Adam Sandler , yeah I know he is a Jew and he is free in his support to Israel but for the Arabic cinemas to show his silly film “Do not Mess with the Zohan” where he mocks the resistance now {in Morocco} is too much . Already that film according to critics is so bad. You only have to see the trailer to know how bad and silly it is . By the way Sandler’s film “Bedtime stories” is in cinema in Egypt now.


  1. I'm not sure about Starbucks as a company. However, Howard Schultz, the Starbucks CEO, has continuously expressed his support for Israel in its fight against the Palestinians. I remember I had a long Byzantine debate with a friend of mine on whether a company should be boycotted because of the individual beliefs and contributions of its CEO. Personally, I have been boycotting Starbucks for years just out of disgust of their CEO.

  2. You know minesweeper 76 ,I think Starbucks will be hurt so much in the Gulf and in Morocco than in Lebanon or in Egypt
    In Morocco there is a direct investment for Starbucks
    and in the Gulf , well it is everywhere and it is very popular.
    If the people of the Gulf especially in Dubai boycott those American-Zionist products I think it will be very effective

  3. for the people who can not stop at lest try to make it less , that could help .

    Yarab help us donya and akra

  4. Adam Sandler is a failure period.

    Although "boycotts" are not very effective because of the poor response of the consumers, I hope this time the Arabs will overcome this difficulty and stand strong together to boycott the American-Zionist products.

    I for myself, live un Québec and will tell my friends to boycott Starbuck, supporters of Zionists killers.
    Best of luck.

  5. @Yazeed,this would be great and gradually people will see that they can live without them , in fact it will be better for their health

    @Clusiau ,thank you so much for support ,it means so much to us :)


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