Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Follow Up : Day No.19 …over 1000

  • When I returned home from work about 4.30 PM CLT the death toll was 993 !! I told mom “well I bet it is more than 1000 if we count those who are under the destroyed buildings”, I went to sleep as today I have up till now terrible headache, I woke up and I found the death reached to 1013 !!
The Gaza Daily Statistics
Death toll 1013
Injured toll 4650
Daily Death toll 38
  • 17 IIDF soldiers were injured today , also a high ranked officer was injured without no further information. The commander of the Paratrooper squad “101”
  • The total injured toll in the IDF is 140 according to the IDF itself.
  • The resistance says on the other hand that it managed to kill 32 officer and soldiers where as it managed to injure 320.
  • 94 years old Palestinian man survived an attack on his home, this man I think watched the whole conflict from the early beginning , God Bless him. I wonder if how many family members he have lost in that conflict since 1915 !!??
  • Bolivia cut its relations with Israel.
  • Some dreamy Egyptian activists are planning for some protest in front of the American Embassy ,I highly doubt the new because everybody knows it is hard to get there especially now.
  • Yesterday the IAF again entered our skies breaking treaties and agreements and
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Update #2
  • There are some news from Cairo that Hamas delegation agreed on the Egyptian initiative to cease the fire and Cairo is waiting to Tel Aviv response but there is actual confirmation up till now in Cairo "@12:06 AM CLT"
  • There is no news about other Palestinian factions as there are factions in Gaza than Hamas.
  • This is from Gaza survivors who are treated in Egypt currently : a 12 years old who lost his family in the war says that there are so many dead people in the streets ,some of them are being eaten by the animals and others are under the destroyed houses !! 

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