Sunday, January 25, 2009

On this day please become our shield not our enemy

On this day from 57 years ago the Egyptian Police proved that it was really Egyptian. The Egyptian policemen in Ismailia fought a great battle on this day against the British occupation forces in the canal. One day insh Allah I will share with you the story of this battle but this year we have another battles to fightscan0005
On this day those officers in that governorate building in Ismailia were really in the service of the people and most importantly in the service of the Egypt not in the service of the king or the government. I do not think that they were going to surrender if they had the orders from the government on that day , they would not surrender with one hell of a fight.
This day became the Police day in Egypt.
I love this memorial and I feel sad to see how the Police turned to be the enemy of the people instead of its protector inside the country in this way. I wish that the interior ministry and the police for real starts to learn the important lessons of the 25th of January 1952. Showing documentaries day and night is not enough I am afraid
I feel sad when I say that the police in 2009 does not care about the people , it turned from  the shield of people to the shield of the regime.

Sometimes I feel that the problem with police now is the sort of the education taught in the police academy. That education brainwashes those young recruits teaching them that they are above the people and above the law.It is noticeable that the police officers latest torture and abuse of power are usually the young officers. I noticed this. Of course this does not mean that old officers now are angels on the contrary. Former police officer and currently lawyer/activist Mahmoud El-Qatari wrote a book regarding this point. The book title is “The confession a police officer in the wolves city”. Qatari was sued for defaming the interior ministry yet the court found him not guilty.
Other times I believe it is the whole system’s fault, a regime fault , you can expect the police to work as it should in such complete corrupted regime .
Lately the crime rate increased in Egypt in a very fearful way , now we have international gangs stealing in the middle of the day like this Cuban banks robbery gang or that Turkish ladies gang. For God sake from couple of months two of my relatives were stolen and the police came after several hours and you won’t believe their carelessness !! I do not need to mention how many times the police failed in solving murder cases like for instance the Bani Mazaar murder or the 6th October murder !!??  For God Sake people now are scared to enter a police department and families now think twice before accept a Police officer as their son in law !!
I do not want to mention the torture record tonight but you all know about it for sure. It is a world famous now !!
I swear I do not hate our police on the contrary I respect so much those heroes from them who die in the line of their real line of duty , while they are really protecting us.
Because of those heroes I must along with others expose those dirty examples in the Egyptian police force to clean it.
The bad examples in the interior ministry like Islam Nabih and co. are the one that insults the police officers who died in the line of duty for us , for Egypt.
I forgot to tell you something
On the 26th of January morning the Egyptian students in Universities protested in solidarity with the Police officers


  1. Hello Zeinobia,

    My name is Kei. I'm from the Philippines. I was researching on the Egyptian Police Day and your post enlightened me about it. I also noted some similarities between our countries' police. Last year a lot of our police were implicated in the mass murder of journalists and Muslim women. They were in service of the local politicians. It's very sad.

    I'm always happy to meet people like you from other countries who also campaign for human rights. Go on with the struggle!

  2. Dear Kei, I am happy that my post helped you in your research. It is sad to know that you suffer form police brutality too. Thank Goodness we are vocal as much as we can against these crimes that have to be stopped
    Good luck to you too in your struggle


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