Saturday, January 24, 2009

Save Blue Star and Search For Badr

Blue star and its crew up till this moment have not been rescued from the Somali pirates and up till this moment we know nothing about the fate of Badr I.

According to the News coming from the families of the crew the negotiations stopped regarding the ransom, the pirates refuse to lower the ransom and the food began to finish for the crew. The crew feed on the food they have on the ship, no one brings them something extra.

I know that the for the General Intelligence is one that follows the case not the Foreign ministry based on the past case but I do not know if they lost their tough or what !!?? Already I lost the hope in using our naval forces to rescue them.

Of course Blue Star crew and their families despite the horror they live in are much luckier than Badr I vessel. The annual anniversary of its sudden disappearance is after couple of weeks now and up till now we do not know what exactly happened to it and what the fate of its crew !!

I am very angry on how the Parliament ignored both incidents especially Badr I vessel. There should be parliamentary inquiries about them.  I do not need to say that Badr I is completely forgotten in the media

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