Friday, January 9, 2009

This is for the officials at Cairo airports

In the last two weeks the Egyptian media and regime were celebrating the opening of the new building of Cairo airport. Ahmed Shafik ,the minister of civil aviation was considered a national hero what he had done. It is worth to mention that the former Student of Mubarak used to be criticized for his harsh ways with the staff of the Cairo airport. I can’t forget his rudeness with the employees who made a strike because of their salaries from couple of years.

Anyhow I dedicate this video to Ministers Shafik of Civil aviation , Garanah of tourism and El-Adly of interior not to mention to Mama Suzanne Mubarak to see it .It was taken by an American tourist in An Egyptian Airport.

The officer threw a hand bag on a crying new born baby !! What kind of a person is this !!??

Look the government can open airports with billions of dollars and still can’t fail to impress the people whether inside or outside with these sort of people in charge. I won’t speak about the Egyptians because we are already third degree citizens in our own country but what about the tourists ?? do you think them blind of what is going on!!? No they do not!!

Open clean multi billion airports won’t enhance the image of Egypt but it is rather the treatment of its citizens by the authorities.

About the sick person who threw the hand bag, well he does not have a child or he is a divorced or his wife and kids are heroes !!


  1. "About the sick person who threw the hand bag, well he does not have a child or he is a divorced or his wife and kids are heroes"

    No, he simply gets treated the same way (and maybe even worse) from his superiors!!

  2. Where the hell in Cairo Airport is this? Check your facts !!!

  3. 7aram 3ala ahlek di neyabet el tagamo3 el 7'ames ya moftareya

  4. What a dumb ass!


  6. Bravo for this blog and for this story.

    I am Serbian journalist and I will write about this in my newspaper. Tourists must see what s really happening in Egypt. Must know really truth about vandals in uniform who playing power by torturing the newborn child.
    Zenobia be brave and don't lose the will for writing of similar stories.
    Nobody know when just one our sentence can change sombody life.


  7. @anonymous, it is not excuse dear

    @anonymous #2, ok I am wrong it is not Cairo airport but it is still in one of our airports !!

    @Ehab, Check the facts again, this is filmed by a tourist ,an American tourist not in the Neyebat and even in the Neyeba ,he should throw a hand bag on a toddler, think about this child as your own baby

    @anonymous#3, I am afraid he is

    @anonymous$5, thank you

    @Sasa, thank you so much despite I do not want the tourists to see this ugly image from my country on this wide scale ,it is not the thing you want outsiders to know about your country :(
    By the way the one who published it on the net after receiving the film from an American tourist was Wael Abbas

  8. Whatever airport is, this is terrible.
    No, I don't want to make a bad picture for Egypt as touristic destination, but want with your story to activate your goverment to think about human rights. Egypt has ancient history, nature wealth,developed toiurism, and must have responsibility for own people. People like this man in airport must lost his job. He, and similar people destroy picture about democracy.
    This action on video speak about non-humanr relation toward ordinary people. He would not treat animal like this.
    This is for Amnesty international.
    I appreciate Egypt people and Egyptian culture.
    And brave Egyptian people, like you, who stnad up against terror.

    Again, bravo, young lady.


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