Friday, January 16, 2009

Why do I hate Al Arabiya more than Al Jazeera ??

Many People now can’t stand Al Jazeera channel as they consider it bias against Egypt. On the other hand the the regime media is praising the professionalism and neutrality of the Al Arabiya Channel.

Well I do not know about the professionalism of Al Arabiya as I remember from three weeks ago on Friday the Channel acted as if nothing was taking place in Gaza and people were dying where as Al Jazeera up till now dedicated its coverage 24/7 to the war on Gaza.

Regarding the neutrality in this coverage , well let’s be honest Al Arabiya does not attack official Egypt because our regime and the Saudi Regime are best buddies currently but if their Saudi regime is in the shoes of  the Qatari regime , well think again.

It is something logic that Al Jazeera would take its country’s side , we are Arab countries by the end of the day ,already I do know why we are attacking Al Jazeera for being bias and we are not attacking our Egyptian channels for being bias and how they do not represent the other side of the picture as they should !!

I hate Al Arabiya because they are really more bias against the Egyptian people “Not the regime”. You can’t deny my dear Arabic reader that the Egyptian people are a favourite topic for the tabloid official news site of Al Arabiya. Any small accident or crime in Egypt is published in the first page of the site. I can’t forget how many times they publish sectarian news with sectarian comments , I think my dear Arab reader will remember that.

Regarding Al Jazeera political coverage , with my all respect you fireback at the channel using the technique of screaming and cursing like “Abala Kamal” as Anuti Fransa” but in the end you can’t win this way , it is weak people way.

Again Remember your favourite channel Al Arabiya will turn against you in few seconds if Cairo and Riyadh turn in to enemies from BBF , remember this.


  1. Don't feel bad, to each their scape goat! The same way Elaph always attacks Morocco and especially Moroccan women with slurs ranging from them being pieces of meat to them all engaging in witchcraft! When the caravan passes by, dogs bark! Let them!!!

  2. Yeah, i do not have much respect for Al-Arabiya either unfortunately.

  3. I'm totally agree with yout point of view

  4. I do agree with you that Arabia is the sound of Audi Arabia , i hate it too ,but i still prefer Agazera , Al Gazeria still the guidance for all Arab chanals no wonder why the majorty prefer Algazira , simply because our Egyptian Cannals are focusing on the rejem regardless the puplic openion and people are fed up with this kind of stupid local media ..

  5. Forget about both of them. As far as there is no free press in the Arab world you will always have one or other channel obeying their masters orders.

  6. I can not stand al Arabia and its agenda , it seems against Arab issues, and Muslims , it is constantly mocking the resistance. It sleazy Elaph site is is another question mark too.
    AL Arabia often invites US generals and give them easy question and treats them like rock stars , it often Invites Certain lebanese (right wing) political analysts who often ridicule resistance and Hezbollah . Al Arabia is an evil site and has an evil agenda and is fianced by an evil family who conspires against Muslims . i do not trust them and i would not watch their channel no matter what .

    AL Arabia also tries to post articles in Egypt about copts versus muslims , and the titles are usually quite telling , that AL arabia is trying to cause distrust between the people of egypt . what really shocked me , was how they seemed unmoved by Gaza bloobbath for the first 48 hours as if everything was normal , then had to change and show alittle when they saw the non stop coverage of AL Jazeera . Al Arabia You suck and no one trusts you in North Africa .

  7. crispal
    You can not compare AL JAzeera to AL Arabia . and AL jazeera has lots of credibility and honesty . I trust it more than i trust CNN or Foxnews . pick any topic and tell me where AL Jazeera screwed up . foxnews has often lied and was caught up lying . AL least the news on AL Jazeera can be seen on the ground and can be confirmed by the witnesses and people on the ground .

  8. @anonymous, you know I notice this about Elaph too regarding the Moroccan women, still you will feel sad and angry when you read such stuff ,yes the caravan goes in its way but the people in it are distracted with that barking

    @Za3tar, you must not respect it , it did not stand with Palestine or the Palestinians when foreign channels stood beside you

    @dakatra,thank you dear ,it is good to have someone think in the same way

    @anonymous, indeed our people are fed up with our local channels hypocrisy

    @Crispal , I agree with you but Al Jazeera some how raised the bar ,there is no freedom to discuss the Qatari affairs,it is something logic yet it is not like Al Arabiya regarding the Arab countries

    @Leyla , Elaph unfortunately is another Saudi owned and funded website what makes me mad how Al Arabiya website is among the most visited Arabic websites in the Arab world :(

  9. I do hate al arabia too, for I don'( think the channel care about the Aran isues seriously.All it is concerned about is tha saudi regime issues and the beauty of the women presenting the news. On the other hand, I do respect Aljazeera and love it too much , for I think it is reliable; thetefore, I wish it a longevity.


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