Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Blogger to be sued for his blog

Last week was not over when I found out that there was another Egyptian blogger being sued for what he has written. This time it will be more controversial and noisy.  Blogger or rather journalist Ashraf Shahata is being sued by Magdy El-Gald, yes Magdy El-Gald the chief in editor of the famous daily Al Masry Al Youm. Here is Shahata’s blog :
El-Glad is suing Shahata for defaming as the later used to criticize or rather attack him widely in his blog.
Shahata summarizes his blog in the tagline as a blog that exposes corruption in the Arabic press society and to be honest I feel that it is more of dirty laundry blog.
Yes Al Masry Al Youm is not angelic and there are lots of question marks around it , God Knows My grand father from the first issue hinted to things we did not pay notice to except later. And Yes Magdy El-Gald is not angel who has his own mistakes and Yes the young journalists and reporters in Al Masry Al Youm and other newspapers are suffering a lot but I feel Shahata’s  attack is biased and not objective.It reminds me with the attack of Rosa Al Youssef “Newspaper and Magazine” after all I was not surprised when Abdullah Kamal turned to be the best writer in the official National Press in a poll at this blog !!!!???? Also read this blog post too.
It is as if the blog was made to expose the dirty laundry of Al Masry Al Youm only. Several bloggers including me attacked Al Masry Al Youm and even it had a nickname among us “The detective today” in reference to its relation to the regime but the attack did not reach to that level.
It is worth to mention that From two weeks ago Tamer Mabrook was the first Egyptian blogger to be fined because of what he had written in his blog.
Yet this is much more controversial and harder case than Tamer Mabrook’s case I think because I know if El-Glad wins the case he would be accused that he and Al Masry Al Youm are  against the bloggers , in fact I do not have to bet that this is what Abdullah Kamal will write down in his sick time table in Daily Rosa. “Despite his hate and attack on the bloggers !! “
I do not like bloggers to be sued just like journalists but here I feel lost ,seriously lost ; tell me for real what do you think ??

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