Sunday, February 1, 2009

I apologize to Somalia and Comoros

I apologize to Somalia and Comoros for what the Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abu El-Gait had said last Tuesday in Cairo Today show against them.

Ahmed Abu El-Gait said that the Egypt worked to sabotage the Doha summit because you can’t relate the joint Arab work to the approval of Somalia and Comoros !!

Well I know that relations are not that good with Doha but why attacking Somalia and Comoros in this way !!?? Does it because they went to the summit without our approval or what !!?

This is a disrespect to two fellow Arab countries , I do not know how on earth he is speaking about the Joint Arab work if he does not respect other Arab countries even if they are not as important in his view like Egypt and Saudi Arabia !!??

Arrogant stupid talk from a rude arrogant person !!??

This is not a diplomat,this is Mr. Knuckles !!

Mr. Abu El-Gait one of the quality of being a true leader is to respect your followers.

It is enough that Egypt does not help at all these two countries !!

This man does not understand or know that  by this silly rude talk he was endangering our Blue Star Crew that currently under the mercy of Somali pirates; if those pirates are politically active , they could have harmed that crew after hearing this !!??

Why does Abu El-Gait want Egypt to lose more allies in the region because of his tongue ??

oh brother , one of the reasons we lost a lot in this crisis is Abu El-Gait.


  1. Zenobia I think that the interview was made to clarify to the Egyptian people and to anyone who thinks they can mess with Egypt's sovreignty or national security that when Egypt is under attack it will respond according to the priorities listed by Mr. Abul Ghait:

    1 - Egypt's security
    2 - The solution to the Palestinian Problem
    3 - The security of the Arab World

    What he means to say is that none of the Arab countries, big or small, will care about Egypt's security and interests as much as Egypt. By mentioning Somalia and Comoros he is pointing to the small countries which have no influence over the situation in Palestine and who have nothing to lose by supporting HAMAS (an indirect reference to Qatar).

    The only reason why Egypt pushed for the failure of the Doha summit was not because of it's prestige or position as the leader of the Arab world but because attending the summit and legitimizing it would have made only one important statement and that is legitimizing HAMAS. If the Arab states legitimize HAMAS then that would give them the power to push for the opening of the Rafah crossing. If that crossing is opened without the conditions of monitoring that were agreed upon in the 2005 accords it would open the door to arms smuggling. Egypt is not worried about arms and weapons going into Gaza because that only harms Israel. What we are worried about is the arms and weapons smuggling coming in from Gaza which will be used to cause problems in Sinai. The bedouin of Sinai get their weapons either from the same people who smuggle them to Gaza or from Israeli agents who smuggle them into Sinai and we have seen the effects of that in the bombings in Sharm El Shaikh and Taba. This goes against the first priority which is Egypt's security.

    The other problem with recognizing HAMAS is that it divides the Palestinians into two groups, the West Bank under the PLO/Fatah and the Gaza Strip under HAMAS. If this happens then you will have one of two scenarios. In the first scenario Israel will negotiate for a Palestinian state with the PLO (of course giving them a tiny part of the original West Bank land) and keep HAMAS on hold until they decide to recognize Israel and renounce resistance, this way it's a simple rule of divide and conquer. The second scenario is that Israel does what it does best by keeping the Palestinians divided and saying that they cannot negotiate with a divided government (which they are already doing now) while at the same time stealing more land by building more illegal settlements.

    If you follow the news you will see signs of the second scenario, the most recent piece of news being that Tony Blair, former British PM and current representative of the Quartet, has said that HAMAS needs to be included in the peace talks as long as they agree to stop the resistance and recognize Israel. Sadly from what we've seen, I think that HAMAS would rather gain worldwide recognition and negotiate with Israel than make peace with their brothers in the West Bank and form a unified front against Israel. This would serve Israel by keeping both parties in disagreement and saying that it cannot negotiate with two seperate governments, thus keeping them in limbo, again divide and conquer. And ultimatley this would be going against Egypt's second priority and that is a solution to the Palestinian problem.

    Finally, what HAMAS doesn't recognize is that they are just pawns in Iran's game. Just like Abul Ghait said, Iran feels the pressure from the U.S and Israel over it's nuclear program. It is surrounded by the entire American fighting force in Afghanistan to the east and Iraq to the west. By making HAMAS fight a war in Gaza and making Hizbullah fight a war in Lebanon it is making the world look the other way. Can you tell me how many news stories you heard about Iran's nuclear program in the 3 weeks of war in Gaza or the month of war in Lebanon? Unfortunately HAMAS either does not understand this and they think that Iran is a true ally, or they understand this and they are just using Iran to fund their resistance movement. If Iran goes nuclear then Israel and the U.S will attack it, and this will bring the whole region into the destruction zone because nuclear war is not a small issue. And that my dear Zenobia is the threat to our third priority which is the security of the Arab world.

    So in the end I only agree with you on one thing, and that is if Mr. Abul Ghait is guilty of anything, it is that for a diplomat he has very little diplomacy. He could have very easily just said "small countries that are not in the line of fire and who do not see the big picture" and he would have saved you the trouble and effort of writing this blog entry and apologizing to Somalia and Comoros :)

  2. @Mo, what Soveriegnty and national security you are speaking about ,why does not Abu El-Gait speak about the picnics of the IDF in our skies ?? what about our soldiers and officers who were killed by the IDF , they are not less Egyptian than this officer who is said to be killed by Hamas elements "up till now I heard 4 different stories from reliable sources"
    where was Mr. Abu El-Gait and his regime when a gang from Africa came and kidnap people from our land ??
    Where is he from the Blue Star ship ?? this is a part of our national security,I am afraid
    Mo , please wake up from the NDP claims , no body wants or even can drags in to a war or Hamas would be mad enough to do what they claim,even if Iran was behind it , Egypt is Egypt
    My dear friend when you are big and great ,you do not act arrogantly with other countries, Somalia and Comoros did not say no to go any summit to help the Arab world
    I am afraid this is a disrespect because they are poor countries in Africa

  3. I never said being a leader meant being arrogant, to the contrary I'm agreeing with you that what he said was wrong and that he should not mention countries by name just to make a point. All I am saying is that if we had gone to the Arab summit it would have actually caused more problems than good. Being a leader means that you have to inform your followers of the situation and avoid being seen as the villain. However, if you do that and still people are asking you to do something that will harm your interests then you should only focus on your interests and security and ignore the voices of the people who do not know what they are talking about. Back in 1979, Sadat and Egypt came under intense pressure not to stop the military confrontation with Israel from the same countries which are it's strongest supporters today. Again this was an issue of interests and security versus emotional appeal, but in the end we did the right thing otherwise we would still have been just like HAMAS and Hizbullah having our best sons killed while the rest of the Arabs cheered from the sidelines.

    When I wrote my last response I was not defending the NDP or it's figures, I was defending Egypt and what it stands for. I know that the NDP has some policies and actions that are wrong and should definitely change but at the same time being against some policies does not mean that I am against every single thing the NDP stands for.

    The biggest problem in my opinion is that in the age of bloggers and instant news, the government of Egypt is doing very little to make it's voice heard. A country like Qatar has created a news channel that made Egyptians and Arabs come to the point of thinking that their country is full of traitors, but what has Egypt done in return? Our government waited for 4 days before making any statements about the Gaza attack, they tried to sabotage a summit meeting without explaining why and basically did a number of things that made them and the Egyptian people look like we had abandoned the Palestinians completely.
    The government's media management of the whole affair was very weak and that is why people started doubting it and thinking that it was a gang of traitors. But I assure you that what has happened to our government, and by association our people, is the same story that happened to the Caliph Uthman Ibn Affaan (of course with the huge difference in character between the government and this great Islamic figure). A group with a hidden agenda tried to discredit us to make us look like traitors to the cause.

    I know that you will disagree with almost everything I just said but at least I am very happy that we can disagree respectfully.

  4. @ Mo,

    Egypt is facing no threat, immediate or not, from Israel, the west, etc, its security is nowhere near at "jeopardy" right now, so don't bring it into this matter. The only excuse you've been able to toss out there to justify Egypt's silence on the Gaza massacre is that "the bedouin might get arms". That is a very poor, almost baseless excuse undoubtedly regurgitated by state media. Yes, the same Egyptian state media that constantly slanders Hamas and the Ikhwan in order to scare the people against them.

    By saying that Hezbollah and Hamas are pawns of Iran, you're also using Israel's repeated attempts of justifying the conflict. Iran's influence over both resistance organizations is grossly exaggerated. What "influence" do they have? Logistically? Politically? These are vague accusations which hold little weight.

    That being said, Egypt's govt, which hold little credibility amongst its people anymore, has a lot of nerve to go lambasting other nations which at least have enough intelligence to voice their sympathy for Gaza and not detain its citizens who do the same. Egypt was once the beacon of the Arab nation, now it's a dim light that has been all but put out.

    Many hide behind the excuse that "the Arabs love to fight Israel down to the last Egyptian soldier". This joke has been outdated as of the 70's, and the people who spew it need to realize that

    1) Egypt has been replaced by Hezbollah and Hamas as the lions of the Arab World, at least in terms of symbolically defying Israel and upholding Arab pride.
    2) Egypt is not the only country being called upon to act, far from it. So they need to stop thinking that Egypt is the center of the Arab World.

    If the NDP regime continues to watch the Israelis slaughter the Palestinians silently from the sidelines, they should keep their mouth shut regarding other nations who don't

  5. There is no need to apologize Zeinobia. If our foreign policy stays on course, very soon we will be treated by many countries in the region the way we treat Comoros and Somalia.

  6. @Mo , in my point of view Mubarak reminds me with one of the Ayob dynasty kings who cooperated with the Crusaders in order to protect his throne from brother , Egypt was weak and strangely the crusaders were planning to invade Egypt but thank God the Nile flood came and ended that last crusade
    anyhow that king and his brother fought each other and in the end El-Salah Ayoub ruled and he was technically the last Ayoudi
    anyhow I wonder why you do not wonder why the Egyptian regime attracts Hamas before Hezbollah to its side . And please do not tell me because the MB , the MB reaches out with the regime when the regime wants something with him , please do not tell me that Dahlan who sold our secrets to the CIA and Mossad is better ally than Hamas, this is politics , Hamas does not hate us or can consider a real danger to our national security like what the NDP wants to imagine. It will be an insult to Egypt to be threatened by two groups
    again no one asked Egypt to go to war and the Palestinians know better than anyone else that just thinking in Sinai will make them see a hell from the Egyptian side
    Do not forget also that this option is made by our allies "the States and Israel"
    I am afraid the Media did not discredit the Egyptian regime but the actions of the Egyptian regime are the ones that discredited in front of the Egyptian people before the whole world.
    By the way what do yout think about Turkey and I am not speaking about Erodagan, but before that Turkey stood with Hamas and Gaza ?? do you think that Turkey has a hidden agenda to overtop us too
    My dear Mo if Iran and Turkey want to overtop us ,this is not their mistake because it is our mistake
    by the way Turkey is our ally according to the official statement and it said that Hamas is not a pawn to Iran regardless of Mashal big statements which are in the end free talk
    Also regarding the people of Sinai , well they are Egyptians , please check online from the Sinai bloggers like Ashraf Al Anany to know that as a State we are treating them as third degree citizen where as they the first line of defense. They do not want to become an independet stateb but they wil if the State insists on treating them like aliens
    @Sultan1923, My dear the NDP party members are big mouthes in the end

    @Minesweeper76, I think we will be worse , for God Sake we can't save our hijacked ship in Somalia !!


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