Sunday, February 15, 2009

Follow Up : The Blue Star Saga

In a meeting with the Blue Star crew’s families , An Ambassador from the foreign ministry followed his current minister’s shocking statements policy and said :

The State was not responsible for the hostages and it won’t pay anything for them  !!!

I do not have any comment except that diplomat should have known better. The Source is the Badeel Newspaper.

Now it turned out that the Captain of Blue Star and his name is Mahmoud Swidan sent a fax to the Presidency calling the President to save him and his crew , the problem is the President was outside Egypt last week  and I do not think he knows in the first place that we have a hostage crisis like this !! His aides won’t bother him with such news.

By the way 13 crew members from the 28 fought in the 1973 war !!

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