Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up : Blue Star “Who is talking to the pirates then !!??”

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Follow Up : Blue Star “Who is talking to the pirates then !!??”

All the official news reports say that the Blue Star saga will be ended  soon and the crew will return back home , of course this is in the La La Land because up till now the Blue Star saga has not ended yet and the crew has not returned yet back home.
It seems that Mr. Al-Awa,the owner does not or rather can’t pay the required ransom demanded by the pirates, he can’t collect the required ransom and the government does not want to help him ,the spokesperson of the foreign ministry said it clearly “The State won’t pay a penny to the Pirates”.
Now I read last week a strange statement that the foreign ministry does not negotiate with the pirates !!?? Yes the foreign ministry does not negotiate with the pirates !!
Already if Al Awa can’t collect the money and the Egyptian foreign ministry does not talk to the pirates , then how we will rescue our men there ??
Ok if the foreign ministry does not officially negotiate ,who is negotiating with the Pirates in Somalia ?? Yes I know that off the record the Egyptian intelligence is the one that is doing so or rather should do so but here I am trying to say that this is not how the foreign ministry should speak !! Even if the foreign ministry is too classy to negotiate bunch of Somali pirates, it should not say so in public this means it does not care about the Egyptian citizens abroad ,well actually it does not but again it should not say it loud !!

I do not get, if the government does not want to help Al-Awa and it does not want to negotiate with the Somali pirates ,why do not we save our men by a military rescue operation !!??

I am sure and confident that such operation will be not hard our navy forces with its great history .

I do not understand , Will Blue Star have the same destiny of Badr I or what ??

It is a shame that no one is following this important case in the media as it should , we should try to keep this matter in focus, we should not forget it. If we want to try to save the remainings of our dignity by ourselves, then the least thing we can do is to speak about the matter in our blogs,forums and on the facebook day and night.

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