Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For the Sake of the National security of Israel

For the sake of the National Security of Israel , Cannabis should be legalized so Hamas and Hezbollah stop exporting it to Israel ,destroying the Israeli economy.
Said Comedian and the head of Aleh YarokThe green LeafGil Koptach over the tomb of David Ben Gurion

Here is what he said in English :
You know, there are around a million Israelis who smoke this stuff. You know how much this costs me?! Loads. And do you know who grows and produces this? Hamas and Hezbollah. Yes, David. As defense minister, it is important that you know this. They're making piles of money off of us. They take the money and buy kassams to fire at us. A pity, no? Why shouldn't it be legal? You see, if it'll be legal, we could grow it here on these arid Negev hills, make the wilderness flower. We will keep the money in Israel and use it for good causes, David, like raising the teachers' salaries. ... The question is, though, what will Hamas and Hezbollah do with all the hashish they'll be left with? The answer is simple: They'll smoke it. They'll smoke it, David, and be calm. Because a good Arab is a calm Arab. And this is my security concept.
Believe it or not I understand the fury in Israel over this video,I can’t imagine stoned Shabola sitting over Mustafa Kamal for instance and says
“ Hey you known Kimo we should legalize Hashish !!”
Strangely there are Arabs on the other side saying that we should legalize pot to cut on Israel the road as the Hebrew State grows and smuggles pot and other kinds of drugs to our countries !!
To be accurate Israel started this weapon against us and in the end it turned against it.
Gil and the Arab weeders with my all respect to their view regarding Hashish do not want to admit that smoking pot or hashish is a way to escape from reality and the world.
By the way if we export Gas so cheaply and vegatables to Israel ,why not to export to them Hashish too for free !!!??

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