Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Losers and Winners in Gaza War : Israel

There are two questions many people are asking themselves now about after the cease  of fire in Gaza : Who won ?? who lost ?? and on what basis ??
First of all We will start with Israel

I think Israel has lost a lot , yes Israel lost , I do not consider killing 1300 mostly from civilians is sort of victory on the contrary. Israel lost because it did not achieve any of its objectives it declared in the beginning of the campaign.It would be a disaster to launch this big operation or rather war where the Israeli forces with its different 84359740 branches joined in just to force Hamas to accept a new truce !! The losses it suffered from the military point of view are huge otherwise why they did not let the journalists in. Israel did not manage to stop Hamas or any other Palestinian faction from launching rockets to Israel, the rockets did not stop even during the war .It did not break Hamas on the contrary , I will be liar if I did not say Hamas won a lot of support across the Arab world because of their resistance along with the other factions regardless of what you think about them.

Israel for the first time loses their image in the west , the protests all over the world were enough evidence. It is enough now for the first time people speak publicly about the use of incendiary weapons against civilians in this way. More and more western organizations including universities and unions are boycotting Israel. More and more western media outlets began to criticise Israel widely. For the first time Spain will investigate in the Israeli war crimes and  the Israeli generals fear to go to UK because of War crimes charges, something has changed. 
Israel lost in the battlefield and lost the minds of heart of the public opinion in the world but it did not lose the political support of the west and the division of the Arabs.
This is the second war Olmert fails in by the way and I am surprised that Kadima won again in the elections despite both wars results.May be there was not criticism to the Israeli government and the army like the Lebanon war 2006 because the elections were on the door already.

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