Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Neo Warsaw Pact

It seems that the cold war is coming back whether some people like it or not and to honest I wish it returns because two poles world is more balanced than one pole world.

Russia and six neighbour countries “ Belarus,Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan” have agreed to set up a common military force today in Moscow. The newly formed force will be called “CSTO” for Collective Security Treaty Organization.

The main announced goals of CSTO :

  • To provide security in the post-Soviet space

Which means to protect the Post Soviet Union members countries from any external attack

  • To prevent international terrorism and extremism.

Another vague words that can be translated in several meaning.This is the new fashion words “terrorism and extremism”

The main announced threats of CSTO:

  • Pakistan

To follow the fashion , you know Al Qaida

  • Afghanistan

I think they mean by Afghanistan the United States not Taliban , because in the end Taliban is believed to be enforced and supplied by the Russians.Don’t be surprised or shocked with this possibility ,after all in the past the Americans were funding Taliban and Russia was their enemy but what you can say this is a fast changing world and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Russia does not like and does not want United States forces on its borders at all and it will do anything to get rid of them.

Yes the Russians made it clear that the CSTO won’t be against the NATO but it will complete it , of course this in theory or rather it could be considered PR hot air, everybody knows what is going on. Despite it was founded since 1992 ,we can feel it now more than in the past because of the growing force of Russia.

Medvedev made it clear that CSTO will not be less powerful than NATO despite the members countries are only 7 countries. May be they will be more than 7 countries in the future , Russia is back and those Eastern Europe countries that sold it will pay the price , in fact the Russians have started already with Georgia.

I see that CSTO today is the start of a new Warsaw Pact , believe me wait for more countries to join it in Caucasus and the black sea.

Member country Kyrgyzstan already has shut down a NATO base, I do not have to guess that it will be re-opened soon insh Allah as a CSTO Base.

We are in the Middle East play very important role in the coming or rather growing Cold war. If you look to it we are repeating the same history but inversely for  the most important players in the Middle East.

Egypt was on the Eastern side where as Iran was on the Western Side, now Egypt is on the Western Side and Iran on the Eastern Side. Israel,Saudi Arabia and Syria have not changed their places. We will be fooling ourselves if we think in a very short sighted regional perspective. It is not about the Moderate pact of Egypt ,Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries or the axis of Evil “Iran, Qatar and Syria”. It is not about us I am afraid. It is more than that and we do not realize it or rather refuse to understand this. Again the talk of the Russian military bases in the region is back and this time it is not only in Syria but also in Yemen and Libya !!

Putin was wise enough to build bridges with the Islamic and Arabic world where as Bush was destroying perfectly all American-Islamic relations. It was a strange scene that the President of a country from few years accused of crime wars in Chechnya to attend the Organization of the Islamic conference , yes you may not remember but Putin was the first president of Non Muslim majority country to speak in the OIC in October 2003 . If you notice in 2003 Bush was doing his best to make America more hated in the Islamic world with the invasion of America and speaking about crusades where as Putin was speaking about the Islamic roots in his country !!

Obama is facing one hell legacy for sure : Economic crisis inside and A Neo-Cold world outside. I am afraid Hillary should not put so much hope on her past experience because during then Russia was ruled a an alcoholically whom her husband knew how to deal with. but now it is obvious that Putin is a hardcore nationalist, he is not a communist but he wants to restore the power of his country and he managed to do so.

BY the way I read that this pale man may run for presidency again in 2012


  1. I hope our regime will be wise enough to restore the Egyptian power in the middle east again if it co-operates with Iran and Russia in order to be able to stand against Israel ..We will be fooling ourselves ,that is true if we thought that we can lean on USA or Saudi Arabia, or gulf countries in order to get their support as long as we are in weak position in front of Israel and our Arab nation like what we are now... ------

  2. It is not about Iran or Russia , it is about playing politics rights , balancing between the international powers in order to reach to your benefit , I love the Turkish model , to create a balance


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