Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Egyptian X-File : Uncle Tarek the Nazi Doctor of Death

I do not think that the friends of Dr. Tarek Hussein Farid in Egypt would have imagined that the man who used to pray with them every Friday in Al Azhar Mosque and bring chocolates from Gropi to their children for decades was in fact the second most dangerous and wanted SS Nazi Doctor in history. Dr. Arbiert Heim
I think all of you have either either read the news or watched on TV. It turned out that Dr. Arbiert Heim ,the infamous Dr.Death accused of war crimes in WWII lived in Egypt for decades. Heim was among the infamous Dr. Mengele medical teams. I do not need to speak about what those Frankenstein teams used to do from experiments not only on the POWs and Jews but all those who did not fit the profile of the Aryan race; that includes orphans and special needs Children.
I wonder if he really converted to Islam not using it as a cover. If he converted to Islam ,it would be after 1963 I think .It is said that he visited Saudi Arabia , May be he turned to be a Muslim in the end after all I won’t believe that he went to there to share his dark knowledge with the Saudi regime ,taking in consideration that the Saudis in 1960s were the allies of the west in the region.
My wonder goes to the level if he really regretted on the experiments he operated on humans, the experiments in which Islam is totally against,in fact any religion will be against it. Surely he thought about the course of his dark life when he chronicled it in English so everyone including his Egyptian friends would read it , how he saw it !!?? His handwriting in English was beautiful and can be read easily. That page of his life chronicles starts by the words “The Chronicles of my course of life” Starting in 1914 and ends in that page in 1858 with visit to Berlin. The course of his life for sure was not un usual one and he knew it.
This man had lived in Egypt more than Austria and Germany altogether , I wonder how this Nazi blended in our country all that time , how he saw all those events that passed in front of his eyes in our country. I bet he was going crazy when we were defeated in 1967 then he was happy with our victory in 1973 ..etc. How he saw the world through all that time. For sure I want to put my hands on that Nazi’s briefcase and read every document in it.I really respect the Doma family for protecting this briefcase,yet I wonder why they have not opened it before or if they already did and decided to keep it in secret !!?? The Domas are speaking about Dr. Human not about Dr. Death, in case of Dr. Mengele or Paul Schäfer old habits did not die easily. His Egyptian friends expected that he was escaped from something , may be some of them expected that he was an ex-Nazi after all he was a German living in Egypt who hated Jews so much.
By the way what was published in the NY Times as a Passport I believe was not an Egyptian Passport but a permission to resident in Egypt , it is obvious that when he was granted this permission he was still recognized as a Christian Married man. It was mentioned in The Premission of residence in Egypt Arabic on the left page that he would stay in Egypt from 23/11/1963 to 21/1/1964. May be he was granted after that an Egyptian passport and that’s why he was buried in Egypt as an Egyptian citizen with a full name.
I am not surprised that he was let go after his capture by the Americans in Germany , it is a well known fact that the CIA wanted to get all the information they wanted from the Nazi scientists so they let them go ,for God Sake he lived in a very stable life in Berlin till 1962 with his own name !! That was strange for sure.
I am not surprised that he came to Egypt in 1963 nor how the Egyptian regime gave him a shelter, I will speak this point later.
It seems that Dr. Arbiert unlike his co-SS workers decided to come in Egypt to seek a normal life despite that that normal life we do not know nothing about , I do not believe that this man spent all that time in Egypt from 1965 to 1992 writing about how the modern day Jews are anti-Semitic and the crimes of Israel against Palestine . I noticed that when he used aliases like the famous one Tarek or in Alex Youssef Ibrahim , he would introduce himself as doctor. He seems that he was proud of his profession despite what he had done was totally against it . I wonder if he practiced it in Egypt. Of course there is not an alarming number of blonde twins in Down Town Cairo nor he formed a cult in the Upper Egypt for instance where he collaborated with Hazam El-Bassiouny so we could calm down.
I am astonished that Dr.Heim or rather Dr. Tarek would live in a very humble hotel down town Cairo as Kasr El-Medina Hotel all those year but again I should not be astonished , this man wanted to hide and thus he avoided big hotels or quarters like Zamalak or Al Maadi with the foreign communities that can expose and sell him for the big price tag over his head. I know that our journalists now are heading towards the Kasr El-Medina hotel to know more about its guest.
Now about the Egyptian regime and giving shelter to a Nazi War criminal wanted by the west and Israel. Heim came to Egypt in the 1963 when Nasser began to host the German experts including the Nazis in order to build the Egyptian rockets program that Israel sabotaged. Strangely Heim was a physician , well a Frankenstein type Physician so I do not see his relation to the rockets experts.Of course the Nasser regime knew his existence and protected him as far as I read.Come on this is the Nasserite era where everybody was spying on everybody especially foreigners. Nasser hated the west and considered their enemy is our friend still What I do not understand that during this time we are too close to the USSR , the same USSR I bet Heim despised so much.
Just before anyone starts to attack Egypt and says something silly do not throw your stones on Egypt only ,throw it on the the United States government that hosted more than 100 Nazi scientist after the WWII in order to build its arsenal in the 20th century. Do not start calling us names alone. Already insh Allah I will elaborate about the Nazis in Egypt and You will be surprised.
By the way it turned out that after Camp David Heim was worried that Egypt would give him as a gift to Israel but I believe that he received an official confirmation from some one in the regime that nothing going to happen to him and he could stay in Egypt as long as he wanted . I think Nasser and Sadat regimes were full aware of his existence in Egypt.
Heim was buried in Egypt as Dr. Tarek in an anonymous Egyptian cemetery with too many secrets with him ; we will never know , but for sure he is not the only secret buried in Egypt

P.S The Israelis ,especially the Israeli officials should not open their mouth criticizing this man because they proved to be just like Nazis from a very long time.
Links :
  • Last big Nazi hunt ends as Aribert Heim, ‘Dr Death’, is declared dead from the British Times.
  • The German and Austrian investigators seem to head soon to Cairo to search for his body to make sure from his death, if he was truly buried in the Poor anonymous cemetries aka Sadaqat then it is unlikely to be found after all that time.
  • Al Ahram official newspaper reacted after the spread of the story yesterday sending its reporters to Al-Attaba square where the "Kasr El-Madina" is , they interviewed the people who were alarmed and surprised by the huge numbers of foreign reporters in their area. According to the people there , Tarek was a very quiet man , he used to pray to the Mosque next to the hotel. He was close only to the Domas, the owners of the hotel and the workers in the hotel.
  • I encourage you read the documents from his briefcase in the NY Times, it seems that the man was treated in the Misr International hospital !! Anyhow it seems that the man wanted to defend himself ,read his response to the Der Spiegel "
Just imagine this accusation of having -- just out of boredom -- forced young people to undergo surgery in order to intentionally cause their deaths by removing vital organs such as heart, liver, spleen, and bowel with the aim of possessing skulls for personal purposes. What crueler deed could one accuse a doctor of than these brutalities and bestialities? And in 1978 Wiesenthal said on television that when I took these organs from these people, I had operated on them even without giving them anesthesia, i.e. I treated them worse than a butcher when he kills animals. One would have had to strap these victims all around the operating table and the cries of the victims would have reverberated through the camp."
  • So he knew that how dangerous these practices were a crime against the profession of phyisican !!??
  • His death certificate identified him as Egyptian


  1. Perfect coverage for the incident while i doubt most of your estimations are true and many point iam not agree with.
    I wonder why pedophiles, CIA stations corrupted chives and ex-Nazi psychos always convert to Islam??

  2. Thanks for posting this. I read about it yesterday, and hoped someone like you would fill in some details.

    I visited Mauthausen concentration camp several times when I lived in Austria. What he and others did there is beyond comprehension

  3. @Bastawisi,What do you mean by your last part of comment ?? I do not think that Michael Jackson ,that Chief of CIA station and Heim could not be used as a generalization,it is not about Islam only I believe Paul Schuffer used christainty as a cover to for his real sick personality whether through his cult which was more like a concentration camp or his collabration with chile's dictator. Do not generalize please

    @Kinziblogs, it was beyond everything we know what happened there and that is I wish to know what this man thought about his dark time in his life after all those years.

  4. Zeinobia, why you guys every time people ask you about certain points in Islam you take the conversation to Christianity??

    i didn't generalize i just wondering why bad people convert to Islam, why you are in the defensive mood?

  5. my dear Bastawisi, I do not need to be in a defensive mode to ask about the meaning of your question and what you want to reach to
    I do not take my conversation to Christianity dear ,I am stating facts
    Eichman converted to Judism ,R.Kelly is a scienologist... Does this mean something ??? what about the bad people who do not convert ??


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