Friday, February 13, 2009

The teachers join the Real Estate tax collectors

I am very happy with this news : The teachers of Egypt from 2 days ago announced that they will form a separate independent syndication instead of their official syndication that follows the state.
This is great move. The teachers are so angry and frustrated that the government did not raise their minimum salaries. For years now there have been talks between he ministry of education and the official syndication and nothing was reached. President Mubarak promised both the teachers and doctors in his presidential campaign to raise their salaries but he is not the man of his promise !! “he promised in early 1980s to stay two presidential periods.”
I do not have doubt that the real estate tax collectors independent union was the inspiration and surely the teachers independent syndication will not be last insh Allah , I expect similar free unions and syndications coming on the way.
The teachers’ salaries in Egypt are so low despite the important mission they do. No wonder many of them give private lessons and tutorials after the schools to the students. No way the teacher will explain and teach to his/her students as  he/she should with a mind full of questions about life expenses and how the rent of the flat will be paid by the end of the month.
I swear if you know the average salaries of teachers in Egypt especially outside Cairo you will be shocked. They do not ask for the luxuries for God Sake ,they only ask for basic needs.If you want to improve the education in Egypt then you must start with the teachers , improve their living condition and they won’t wait for one minute in giving back all their knowledge.
I think the teachers can restore back their rights if they agree to have a strike in front of the Parliament during the school year not in the summer vacation,already this happens all over the world whether in Lebanon or in France.
Again improving the education in Egypt starts with improving the teachers salaries.


  1. Finally a step in the right direction... independent representation. You remember I was talking to you about this about a week ago when you reported on the railway workers' strike?

    You know what the sad part is? It's the fact that even if they manage to get any money it's going to be worthless by the time they receive it. Just like the railway workers who are getting half their compensation in June and the rest of it one year later. By the time any of them receive the money, prices would have gone so high up they wouldn't be able to do anything with it.

  2. Yes I remember Mo :D

    About the sad part, it is true,when they get their rights ,it would be too late !! But at least they began to fight back. I wish they continue and they also learn from the the railways workers mistakes.

  3. Rabena yestor bas w matmeseksh fel mataar zay 3am Philip. Maho mesh na2es ghair ye2olooli enta bet7arrad el 3omaal 3al shaghab :p


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