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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Egyptian Emos

I had to miss last Saturday’s episode of “El-Hakika” [The Truth] on Dream TV 2 and I did not know what Wael Al Abrashi was discussing nor the guests he was hosting. I asked my mom who did not watch the whole episode except for few minutes then she turned the channel.She told me that Al Abrashi hosted a group of young people with very strange and ugly hair cut and dark clothes,she did not remember what they were speaking about and I forgot to follow the matter,there was a sand storm which seemed to me much more interesting then.

But then I found is speaking about that episode in some exclusive coverage which I do not understand that exclusive part in it !!

I found out that they were speaking the Emo fans in the Egyptian society and how Wael Al Abrashi considered this a very alarming phenomena in our society.

With my all respect I do not like Emo and I feel sorry for its fans who need to see some shrink “I do not insult them but those boys and gals need some attention and already they are seeking it with their looks and behavior” but Wael Al Abrashi needs to focus on much important issue in our society as he used to do.

The Emo fans are not the new Satanists and not everyone wears black clothes will be a Satanist for God sake !! Yes they need some guidance but not to be considered the new freak show in the town for boys and gals go wild and to be arrested by the police because they wear black clothes and wear dark make up !!

Already I do not consider them as danger on the society for God sake ,look to their existence in the facebook .There are more than 9 active Emo groups in the Facebook from Egypt. The membership starts as low as to 13 members up to 604 members. Some of these groups are by invitation , I think that the episode impact made the admins think in making it private. The episode was a direct accusation to them after all.

Most of the Emo fans in Egypt are more like Emo punk music fans , it is not a matter of life style here in our society , it will be very hard to adopt the Emo lifestyle in Egypt.

There is a huge misunderstanding I am afraid , I do not know if it is deliberate or not

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  1. I watched the episode, and I didn't even know such thing exists. I had to search the whole 'EMO' thing and I got shocked.

  2. Dear Zeek , the Emos are not that dangerous like the Satanists
    Of course I have to admit that their looks are so shocking and scary

  3. I love ur article and i do agree that they r sick ppl who need to see a shrink and they r trying to get attention

  4. Haha! It finally reached our messed up younger generations! Whether you like to admit it or not, these kids are quite ballsy to dress like that and feel open and comfortable about it in the streets of Egypt. And Zeek, seriously ya3ni... you hadn't heard of Emos before? We really need to hang out.

  5. @anonymous, yes they are ,they do not need all that attention from security

    @S. Well pardon me but I am from older generation , I do not usually hang out in these places those young people are there ;)

  6. hey guys i'm going 2 b emo ana i wanted 2 buy emo clothes ana accessories soz....can u tell me where can i buy the clothes from egypt

  7. why do people in middle east make it such a big issue fr guys n girls to dress up like emos and punks ??? everybody has there own choices ad wishes and others should nt inter fair with anybody's personal life ! wallah my country Pakistan is better in this case... u can do what eva u like and all trends and styles and wht eva is welcomed unless its against islam example the cartoon made on our prophet(P.B.U.H) by some guy in Denmark.. start thinking with broader mind and positive thinking please! and yea am emo guy and a good muslim Mashallah.

  8. i want to know Emo Friends From egypt (
    Thnx :)


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