Saturday, March 28, 2009

Follow Up : Pre-April the 6th

  • The AUC students may join the strike on the 6th of April in order to reduce the tuition fees they are paying currently.
  • The private clinics across the country will be closed on the 6th  9th of April. This move is a part of larger protest the physicians in Egypt are currently carrying on to get their cadre.
  • Sufi movements are against the Strike !! And since when they are involved in Politics!!
  • A group of Egyptians in London will join the strike in their way , they will protest in front of the embassy.


  1. Do you have a source or more info about the 45 day old baby with H5N1 below?

  2. Dear anonymous, here is the source from Al-Dostour daily newspaper , one of Egypt's best selling newspaper

  3. According the that source the results are still pending for the girl. We can't we sure she died from bird flu yet, until we get test results back.

  4. I can't read arabic but thanks to google translate that is what is read. I assume you can read arabic, is that what the article said. Test results are still pending?


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