Friday, March 6, 2009

H5N1 Human infection reaches to Cairo

The first two human infection cases in Cairo were announced yesterday. Azza Hassen Hafiz "32 yrs old" and her 55 yrs old mother Ansaf Ibrahim Mustafa were infected by H5N1 from the domestic poultry they used to raise. They live in the Sahal area in Cairo. They were transferred to the hospital and were found H5N1 positive. Hopefully they will be cured.
Update : 
The health ministry has officially denied the infection of Ansaf and her Azza, they are not H5N1 positive thank God


  1. Oh wow!!! New cases in Cairo? None of the media is talking about these! That's weird!

  2. It was mentioned in the newspapers , I think it was either Al Wafd or AlGomhouria


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