Friday, March 6, 2009

Egyptian Guinea Pig Snuff Film

I have not seen and I am not planning to see the infamous Japanese horror film “Guinea Pig: The devil’s experiment” but I read about it by coincidence and since then its plot  could not be simply erased in my mind because of terrible its sadistic nature. I always asked myself what kind of director and crew that can make such horrible film , they were surely sick people ,this can’t be described as art.

Anyhow I remembered this infamous film when I read from several weeks ago about some video clips that found their ways to the Egyptian youth Mobile phones.They were torture video clips from one film but surprisingly they were not the usual Police torture clips , I wish they were because then it won’t be a shock to me later as you will know. Unfortunately during that time I could not find more info,but now I found out more about the clip from

Without any fancy introductions , already I am bad in introductions and I can’t find one for what the video included from report:

A group of young men filmed the torture and humiliating process of some poor guy called Ahmed. Ahmed seems that he had stolen a jacket and L.E 500 from one of those young men based on the dialogue in the 23wounding1_L clips. Ahmed was terribly tortured and injured by Swiss knives all over this body, he was forced to take off his clothes and to be filmed naked,he was terribly humiliated in a way I can’t imagine , in fact I do not want to imagine it. 

There are many unconfirmed stories about the origin of the film  which I do not care about because what had done was not right at all, it was a sick cowardly attack.

I do not care what Ahmed had done in his miserable life so he would suffer in this film like this but I know that this clip should be investigated ,torturing a citizen like this is a crime in the law.

These clips are very dangerous indicator to where our Egyptian society is going to , it is not about those who tortured Ahmed only but about those sick bastards who exchanged his video clips on their mobile phones as if it were some Haifa Wahby music video and enjoyed watching them !!?? What happened to the Egyptians !!

All what I am afraid of it that we reach one day to find us in front of  a real Guinea Pig snuff film,I am talking seriously !!


  1. Zeinobia
    i think who made this to that miserable man ( Ahmad), are not humans nor animals , i don't know how to describe them we have never seen an animal torture another animal like this ....every thing now become easy.. killing is easy , certainly you have heard about the ten ( dogs ) who kidnapped a women from her house and rape her .... i think this is the first scene in that movie ...we will see the Japanese movie live sooner or later ...god protect us and our families from the coming

  2. I think in the interest of reducing this mans humiliation maybe remove his pic from your blog? In his shoes i would want to minimise the photographic coverage of my ordeal.

    On another note, its times like this that i like that I believe in hell... at least his tormentors will taste what they did to this man.

  3. the culture of torture is wide spread in Egypt, not just by police officers who for some reason people believe they are not Egyptians, torture practiced by teachers, housewives against their maids, police officers, parents against the kids, kids against the stray animals etc........

  4. @Ayman , Amin, I really fear from the future ,there is no security at all

    @Loolt, I had to show his photo "which does not show much of his face " to see what I mean with torture, when I first read the news about the film ,I could not imagine this picture at all
    Insh Allah those men will pay the price whether now or after life

    The culture of violence including torture is spread due to the political suppression ,seriously speaking
    but again Egypt during the Nasserite faced much more declared suppression and yet there were no such violent ,horrible crimes

  5. u ever get the feeling that the morals and values in Egyptian society have deteriorated from days of your grandparents...the days when hijab and religious appearances became more prevalent (prayer mark on forehead, beards, niqab etc).

    I noticed on this last trip that a lot of outwardly "religious" people that I encountered needed to become more inwardly religious. El deen mish manzar.

    From religion, be it Islam or Christianity, we get morals and values...rules and regulations, by which we as humans should strive to follow in order for society to function harmoniously.

    It seems that somehow, somewhere...these values are not being learned, comprehended or understood. In your grandparents days, people had more manners but were not so outwardly religious. Perhaps the understood the spirit of faith more than Egyptians do today.

  6. @N.American Princess,yes I notice this too more than you know :(
    I do not know what is happening now in Egypt ,it is just like that everything is falling a part !!

  7. Danny Cohen Cacho2/15/2011 08:14:00 PM

    nice blog


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