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Friday, March 6, 2009

Searching for Justice

There is on going debate between the Egyptian bloggers regarding the court rule in the Kafr El-Sheikh terrible rape incident.Some people think that the court rule was harsh and unfair , those 10 men do not deserve this rule.
Their argument is based on the idea of  refusing the death “execution” penalty for such crime “rape” because the victim was not killed despite in this case the victim could have been killed.
Just like you have read in the BBC link in 2006 a 18 years old housewife was kidnapped from her house in a village at Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. A gang of 11 young men had kidnapped her  depending on the fact that the rest of the village was busy attending a wedding party . That gang of rapists knew what they were doing , they came with guns. They took her to one of the fields where they  rapped her for hours, some villagers in the end found out what was going on , they tried to save her but the rapists opened their fires till the Police came in and saved the day after it became … very dark night.
Already one of them proposed to marry the victim’s sister in law but he was rejected by the family and thus he planned this diabolic plan,so there was an intention, they knew what they were doing and they did not care.
I spoke about the execution penalty before in my blog but this time I have to speak again. I respect the Judge’s rule so much and I think that this is a fair and just rule. I do not care what some hardcore feminists believe regarding that judge and his statement with my all respect.
With my all respect to all those who think this rule is harsh but I wonder was not what happened to this woman much more harsh !!??
We are speaking from time to time that our society should support more the rape victims but now when we have this court rule we say that it is harsh just because the victim is still living on !!
I think it will be a luxury to jail those 10 rapists where they can eat and sleep for free , already I do not accept that those rapists would live in jail by our tax payers money.
I just wish that this woman would attend their execution ,one by one,just like in the States, this will mean too much to her.
What do you think my dear reader ?? Is it a fair court rule or what ??
Update No.1 : 
                 - The Judge says that the rapists did not have mercy on the victims despite she begged several times to leave her alone.
                 - If the rule is not harsh ,the crime will be repeated.
                 - The fact that the rapists were 10 persons does not justify easing the sentence
  • The victim has left the village and wore the Niqab 
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  1. Alhamdullilah. It was great news for us when we were watching the news on El Beit Beitak show regarding this case! We are so glad and we agreed with you on this matter 100% and with the judgement. In fact we would like so much to see them to be hanged in a public square for everybody to watch so that this can be symbol or a lesson to any other animals who's thinking about doing the same crime to innocent women. Bravo to the Judges who gave this verdict.

  2. Capital punishment is an endless argument. But when it comes to *rape*, *these days*, and gang rape which is a confrontation to laws and society, then I do support the verdict.

    The temporal factor is important. The problem of sexual infringement among society became a phenomena that needs a harsh message from the judicial house. I think the judge made it clear (according to some accounts).

    In addition, eleven people! That's a group action, this is no longer a case of a single victim. That's group of people violating law and society should respond with an iron fist to group actions, I think this should be the common sense whether this is rape or not.

    I find the argument of she is alive or not is extremely silly. Even if you redefine *honor*, rape is still an serious crime. Gang rape is an extreme offense. and there shouldn't be any amnesty with that, zero-tolerance.

    I am not sure, but there is some technicality with the Egyptian laws, you can't really sentence someone to all-life prison. I think they do, but they don't serve it.

    So, unless the there is all-life sentence, death is a good punish to restore the moral fiber of Egyptians, which would open the doors of hell for questions like: now, do you think *just* punishment would make the world better. I would say that there is always the dilemma of extreme punishment: I punish X more to get all Y's to behave well. So I tried with all Y's. Now, what about X? Which I can't solve!

    And I do agree with your points about: she is living, what happened to her is more harsh, and they shouldn't live with taxpayers money.

  3. N. American Princess3/06/2009 06:13:00 AM

    What a sick and strange u have the name of the village the victim is from. I met some people on a trip 2 Egypt a few years ago from Kafr El Sheikh..have since lost touch..but I remember my aunt not wanting 2 go there and visit them at all..."They could rape us and kill us and cut our bodies up in the fields"...I thought she was crazy with her crazy, wild imagination. They were from a town of maybe 75 people in the governate not far from Rashid and Desouq.

    This story reminds me of my aunt's fears. The girl survived but a lot of Egyptian women are already sexually dysfunctional thanks 2 female circumsion. Do you honestly think she will have a normal life, much less normal sex life after being violated like this.

    I wasn't sure if I understood you correctly..they are getting the death sentence? In jail they may have been repeatedly raped by fellow inmates. Death will be relief for them. Egyptian jails, from what I understand, are not like some of the deluxe jails they have here. They are sick individuals and the fact that they hatched this "Revenge scheme" in the heartland of the Ikhwanis is even more bizarre. Looks like Egypt is enjoying the same social problems the rest of the world has. Even the countryside isn't safe...even in one's own home...Subhanallah.

  4. I believe that executions should be for very limited cases, where the criminal did a severe crime that may threaten national security for example(the true one!) or a crime that may spread prostitution. Also, It is not easy to punish 10 persons in one crime by execution. I believe it is the first time to happen in Egypt courts. Yet, In such a crime, I do believe down in my heart that the punishment they got is less than what they deserve. I guess this is the first time in my life I feel that execution by stoning is the only good enough punishment for these disgusting criminals. Call me whatever, but just imagine this happens to your mother/sister/wife/daughter. This is not even a normal rape crime. It is a crime that it is bitter than killing.
    A harsh punishment now will save some victims of similar crimes-to-be.

  5. @anonymous,many people believe that the execution should i n a public square so it would set an lesson for all those peverts in our street despite it may draw criticism from human right organizations'where they are when the victim was raped !!?'
    I think they should be hanged in the same place where they raped her and the whole village would witness their execution,so before the execution they would remember what they had done.

    @Mustafa, I agree with , I do not think in Egypt criminals serve full life term in jail , our penalties and criminal laws should be updated, there are new crimes the legalistors would not have imagined when they put that law, for instance I remember the swingers case , now the Parilament is demanded to approve in now time not time an amendment to the law to recognize the swingers act against the law.
    @N.American Princess, the village name is Hamarawy
    Of course she will not have a normal sex life after this terrible incident unless she recieves the required medical care.
    Regarding the jail , well we believe in Egypt otherwise , already these guys are animals ,they will adopt any kind of life they force to live in,there are two factors determining the penalty here
    1// the fact that the family of victim would carry on their vendetta from 11 families if the penalty was not as harsh as the crime itself
    2//the fact that is a Sharia approved penalty , the grand Mufti approved it ,this is a great crime
    The increase of the sexual crimes in Egypt forces the judges to take these harsh rules

    @anonymous,for sure such penalty will save other victims

  6. I think it is not even enough. They should ofcourse face death penalty, but this is probably one of the few cases where torture could be acceptable. They ruined the woman's life, they deserve the worst in this life and in the afterlife. Bravo ya Masr!!!!


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