Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How many Egyptians were on its board ??

As soon as I read the news that illegal migrant boat sunk off Libya I knew that there must be Egyptians on board that did not make it to Europe !!

And I was right because there were Egyptians who were on board of that boat , it is not clear up till now how many people were drowned but thank God 6 Egyptians were rescued.

I do not know how many house in Egypt won’t sleep tonight and tomorrow till it knows the fate of its young men !! May Allah bless their souls and have mercy on their poor families.

Those young men wanted to live in a better life , a good life ,they did not want to do anything wrong, they did not want to commit crimes.

It is just sad because they are not the first and they won’t be the last :(


  1. Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi raji'un. May Allah swt forgive their sins and place them in Jannah insyallah and our condolence to their families. This young men they are victims of the Mubarak regime. We never heard before revolution, that Egyptians travelling overseas to work would die to get there! In fact a lot of Arabs and Europeans used to come and work and live in Egypt. If the Egyptian people didnt rise up and act to secure their future and the next generation against the Mubarak regime, believe me more young Egyptians will die just to make a decent living when there is no hope or future in their own country! More sadden to say that animal like dogs live better in Europe than the Egyptian people. This is not an insult but it is reality.

  2. @anonymous, what you said is not an insult because it is the reality for sure , a reality we admit it but we refuse to do anything about !!

  3. "Those young men wanted to live in a better life , a good life ,they did not want to do anything wrong, they did not want to commit crimes."

    how did you know they did not want to do anything wrong?, they started with the illegal WRONG way already,
    and if they are serious about living a better life why they start this better life by escaping their mother land leaving it to thieves and corrupted people?


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