Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Then what is the job of the minister !!

This week I have read strange comments from ministers in the current cabinet that made me wonder about the job of the ministers or rather their job description in this country.

Farouk Hosni , who wants to head the UNESCO said that it was not from the job of the minister of Culture to protect our monuments commenting on the theft and return of Mohamed Ali Royal paintings !!!

I do not know what to say except “and he wants to be the director general of UNESCO!!?”

Ahmed El Magraby , the minister of housing and utility said that it was not the job of the minister to arrest the corrupted employees working in his ministry in a democratic system !! It is the job of supervisory administrative authority !!!

He was commenting on the arrest of his aide Ashraf Kamal in huge corruption scandal !! Ashraf Kamal was a NDPian Policies committee member and was expected to be the next housing minister !!

These are just examples from our current ministers !!

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