Thursday, March 26, 2009

They will return whether we want it or not

The Egyptian government denied the news that thousands of Egyptian expats are going to return home from the Gulf area because of the economic crisis.

The news was speaking about 150,000 Egyptian workers and employees were laid off in UAE alone , it is expected that by summer the number will become bigger reaching to half million from the Gulf region. The government denies this news despite it is logic and expected.

I do not know why we do not admit it ,our expats will have to return back home without jobs because of the economic crisis !! We won’t be the only country that will suffer alone in the region for God Sake.

The government does not want to admit because it knows that those expats from employees and workers mean more burden it can’t handle .Those expats won’t find jobs easily in Egypt. Of course any wise government will work hard to provide jobs for those expats but as I said WISE government not Ahmed Nazif NDP businessmen government !!  Already the government does nothing to solve the current unemployment problem in Egypt so this problem would increase more and more.

I forget to mention that there are thousands of Egyptians who lost their jobs in tourism sector because of the crisis.


  1. This happening all over the world! Of course when a country is in economy crisis, they will lay off foreign workers first and give priority to their own people! this is normal. I saw it coming coz already have some Egyptian friends working in the Gulf already back home with their family! In any decent Government will always prepare for the worse except Egyptian government that always make the Egyptian population believe that Egypt immune to any disaster or crisis and they always wait till the problem gets bigger and then start panicking and crying asking for help from everybody! Can't imagine comes this Summer if those half million will really come home, what will happen to Egypt!!

  2. I can´t imagine either how this summer will be if those half million come back to Egypt

  3. they will return with a lot of stupid ideas they got from the Bedouins.


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