Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hannibal Strikes Back

I guess the Swiss should hit their heads in to a wall for what they did with Hannibal Qaddafi

I wish to know something : do they design their own suites or what ??
Hannibal Mutisam-Billah Qaddafi, the national security adviser of Libya in his visit to the United States of America to meet with the new Obama administration. Hilary does not fool around , Cuba from one side and Libya for another side !! The Obama administration does not waste its time at all in the Middle East. I wonder what message he carried from the king of kings in Africa to the state secretary of the United States
FYI Qaddafi did not endorse Obama “as if it really matters !!”
By the way is not it interesting that Hannibal is taking over is brother’s place or Seif Al-Islam is fine with this visit !!?? It seems that Hannibal is presenting his C.V and the Americans have accepted the man wanted in Switzerland !! Just like Gamal Mubarak from two months ago , of course Gamal did not go as a national security advisor ,already Gamal lacks this knowledge just in the same Hannibal Mustisam does , of course the later is not the son of Mubarak but the son of the king of Kings of Africa, Mubarak is a just a President !!!!!!!


  1. it's always the governor son, gamal, seif, hannibal, it's like the arab people are bunch of catle or something.
    if the silence is not an agree then what agree is?

  2. This is Al-Moatassem Bellah in these photos not Hannibal, but no big difference.

  3. @Bastawisi , as if the Arab people are silent by their own choice

    @Mohamed Hani , really ,wow he looks like Hannibal so much unlike Seif Al-Islami and Al-Saadi

  4. nobody can force you to be silent unless you wish to in secret Zeinob-nob.


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