Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For Their Own Protection

A British delegation asked Bouthainia Shaaban, the Syrian minister of expats why the Syrian regime blocks Facebook in Syria and the answer came as follows :

The Syrian government knew that there are some Israeli groups trying to contact with Syrians on facebook and thus it blocked the website to protect the Syrians !!!

Bouthainia is supposedly to be a smart woman , a real smart woman , I do not know how she invented this stupid answer that shows a complete ignorance with the internet and the facebook not to mention shows the stupidity of a dictatorship that believes it knows best for its people !! As people are kids who can be fooled !!

Well in the end she works in an old rotten dictatorship regime , this is the best answer she can get. Already I wonder what the delegation reaction when it heard this brilliant answer !!

The news was published originally in Syria News website but after receiving tons of comments mocking Shabaan it was suddenly removed !!

Back to the statement , I do not know what is wrong if Israeli groups have contacted Syrians on facebook , the Syrian people are not fool or naive to be deceived , already if the Syrian regime fears on the Syrian people from the Israelis contact online then it should block the internet ,wait a minute it is already blocking the internet !!!!!!??

Of course because we have a Peace treaty with Israel and our regime is traitor they do not block the facebook despite all what they suffer from “6th April” !!


  1. Because Egypt is so much better?!!

  2. well Egypt is actually much better in Internet activism with my all respect than Syria , this is a fact
    I know very well how our regime is paranoid from the net but at least it does not block or facebook ;)


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