Egyptian Chronicles: I wonder Where in the Middle East !!??

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I wonder Where in the Middle East !!??

The independent newspaper has published a very interesting report about a fertility expert that claims that he can clone a human beings. Panayiotis Zavos says that he already succeeded in cloning human beings  as he claims stating that he cloned 14 human embryos and transferred 11 of them into the wombs of four women who had been prepared to give  birth to cloned babies.
I can’t judge on this based on reports only or based microscopic photos nor most of the people of the world who lack medical and Dr. Zavos scientific background can , a living example , a picture of the baby or rather embryo would be great !! We want to see those cloned babies when they come to this world. It will be more than great if a panel of independent scientists appointed by the WHO investigates his claim.
Zavos may look serious than the Brigitte Boisselier  whom I speak about later but for sure his website is too poor and for the record it is not the first time he claims such thing !! I do not know what happened to the baby he claimed to clone in 2004 !!!
What interests me in all that issue is the fact that Zavos is doing his tests and operations some where in the Middle East !!?? I wonder where in the Middle East, I know for sure he is not in Egypt nor Saudi Arabia nor Turkey “he is from Cypress” nor the rest of the Gulf.
I am not only curious about the country  in the Middle East but also I am curious about the nationality and identity of those Middle Eastern couple whom according to Dr. Zavos ,the second couple in the world to have cloned embryo., they are for sure filthy rich , I do not expect Dr. Zavos to be charitable doctor after all !!
Or May be there is not Middle Eastern couple and this is just an attempt to encourage the filthy rich people of Gulf to spend a couple of million on a mirage in desert !!!
Already I am terrified by the idea of having cloned human animal hybrid embryos !!!  This is so scary !! Poor little Cady !!
Dr. Panayiotis Zavos on human cloning

It is the not first time someone claims so , I still remember very well the the Raëlian movement and their clonaid , they were first. Oh I still remember Brigitte Boisselier and her mad smile when she said in the Dr. Boisselier press conference “ I made a life !!” , she looked like a mad scientist , in fact she does not look like scientist at all !!
Strangely after all those years we have not heard anything about that cult group , we have not seen any of those so-called cloned babies !!!
I remember very this media circus, already the head of Raëlian movement Claude Vorilhon was once hosted by LBC on air in some show presented by Shaza Omar , he appeared wearing a Palestinian scarf speaking about the “Jardin d’ Allah” of Elohim .
I always wondered why reporters did not go after this group to expose their fraud more and more.
Anyhow I do not believe easily Zavos or may be I do not want to believe him because if he really made it then let’s just say that he opened the real Pandora box !!
We are not meant to play the role of God , we are meant to be humans.
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  1. "We are not meant to play the role of God , we are meant to be humans."

    That's really quite ridiculous, considering God doesn't exist and humans were created by people just like us - other humans. One day, humans will create man in their own image. Hopefully then people will consider a different alternative to the origin of our species, one that isn't some fake all powerful/knowing God, which is just label for something man can't understand - or at least couldn't understand 1000s of years ago.

  2. well this is your point of view , you have the right to share it and I respect it but you do not have to attack my point of view


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