Egyptian Chronicles: H5N1death No.25

Thursday, April 23, 2009

H5N1death No.25

The health ministry announced the death of Hadia Saleh Rageb because of H5N1 implications , Hadia was no. 65 in the infection toll and now she has become no. 25 in the death toll in Egypt !! Hadia was already in a very critical condition. She was only 25 years old. May Allah bless her soul.

Today Minister Gabali has warned of the virus mutilation in Egypt , I think this is the highest official confirmation that the situation is not that good unlike to what the official media claims. The minister spoke in some regional conference today in Cairo today , he also spoke about HCV.

He said that the people believed that the virus was not active in summer where as it is active !! well I hate to disappoint him but people ,the majority of people do not know anything about the timing of this virus activity !!

He blamed the the people for not following the recommendations of the ministry when dealing with domestic poultry,it is worth to mention that unlike the prime minister he understands the importance of domestic poultry in the country side . The problem is not in raising these domestic poultry but rather how to deal with poultry in the safest way ever.

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  1. Weird! The media spokesman of health ministry said tonight on OTV's Baladna show that the virus neither mutilated(ta7awar) in Egypt nor the rest of the world!!

  2. Thank you for the information. Suggestion: Please consider using the word "mutation" rather than "mutilation".

  3. Thanks for information (2). I reached this site trough google search. I was looking for news about death of the Hadia Saleh Rageb, and I did not found anything about her pregnancy, and if the baby was saved. Do you have more informations about this woman and her baby?
    Thanks again.

    I'm from Brazil and I have a blog about bird flu in portuguese, but it can be automatically translated to other languages (

    Thanks again.

  4. @Ice, it has not mutated yet thank God but on the other had there is a big possibility that it is going to be mutated in Egypt according to the WHO

    @Peter, thanks for the correction

    @Golono,both of them have passed away :(


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