Egyptian Chronicles: Slumdog drama goes on and on

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slumdog drama goes on and on

Probably you have heard or read that the child star of Oscar winning film Slumdog millionaire ; Rubina Ali was offered for sale by her father for about $ 400,000 , if you do not know then I recommend you to read the famous British tabloid “The news of world” as it was their under covered reporters who exposed the whole thing. It is worth to mention that the journalists disguised as a Sheikh and his wife from Dubai !!

Well it is a just a sequel to the Slumdog millionaire drama. The 86087637 father denied despite the evidence and the Indian authorities opened an investigation despite this happens on a daily basis in India but  let’s just say they were embarrassed in front of the civilized world. The girl appeared defending her daddy in the pictures after the scandal , I do not know if she understands what is going on or she is doing this because she fears him or what. For him Rubina is just a little cash cow with international fame.

Of course the drama did not stop here but it extended to 86088455a cat fight between her mother and her step mother that was captured by photographers and video cameras. I respect her mother so much , I wonder why she does not have the custody of her daughter.

It is just so sad.

Rubina is just like thousands of Egyptian Children in Egypt. Their parents sell them on a daily basis for money. The parents justification is always one : It is better for them , of course it is rarely better for them, already some times those biological parents to be accurate in naming them sell their kids to get some money in order to buy drugs.

When you watch Slumdog millionaire in Egypt , you will feel that the story is not that shocking , on the contrary we had our slumdog millionaire films but without happy endings.

86088120 Rubina in her house yesterday , a shanty house ,you can find its twin house in Egypt

85859741In the Oscars


Back to the slums

Thousands of Children in the third world are being sold on a daily basis to face a grim future whether in sex slavery or arm conflicts or even trade organs ,they are not that lucky like Rubina.

I hope that Rubina’s real life drama will end  insh Allah in a bollywood style, some rich old Indian man good doer donates anonymously to Rubina and her mother enough money to live in dignity away from her father and step mom.

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