Egyptian Chronicles: This Is Not Ahmadinejad

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Is Not Ahmadinejad

Shah of Iran on the Jewish Lobby

Via Naj

These are parts from ex-Shah of Iran Mohamed Reza Pahlavi's interviews with Mike Wallace in 1974 and 1976 in CBS 60 Minutes. The first part was just another round from “Persian Gulf Vs. Arabian Gulf” game , do not get me wrong but I like how he answered or rather fired back ;)

Anyhow the second part is much more interesting , in 1976 the Shah opened his fire on the Jewish lobby in America !! This was a surprise to me , a big surprise to me after all he was the West and Israel friend , did he change his policy in his last 3 years of his rule after it became troubling somehow !!??

This is not Ahmadinejad who was speaking , Can you call him racist for criticising the Jewish lobby ? Can you accuse him of anti-Semitism ?? Did he say something untrue ??

I know that some Zionists will remind me with bloody history of the Shah dictatorship ,well he was not a dictator then in the eyes of the West nor America nor Israel !!! Plus he was not lying , he was saying the truth , may be this was from his rare moments !! May Allah bless his soul

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  1. i wish to know if gulf states dared to object his claims esp. UAE

    the man told the truth about israel lobby but this change nothing about his bad history

  2. @Mohammed, The Gulf States always objected on his claim over and over , in fact this is what has not changed after the revolution, the Iranians are insisting on these points.
    My dear friend the Shah did not think that he had a bad history or he was a dictator


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