Egyptian Chronicles: Another woman got infected by H5N1

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another woman got infected by H5N1

This is getting so fast and scary.

The ministry of health has announced that 34 years old Wafaa Abdel Hamid from Tanta Governorate , Nile Delta is no.68 in the H5N1 human infection toll in Egypt. Wafaa began to show the symptoms on the 21st of April and she entered the hospital on the same day. She contacted infected domestic poultry,she was given Tamflu. The ministry says that her condition is stable.

By the way I should hint to something ,it turned out that late Ali was infected by H5N1 in Al-Bahaira, where he contacted infected poultry in his grandfather’s house there , he was not infected in Qalubiya ,this is very important point.

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