Egyptian Chronicles: H5N1 Death No.26

Saturday, April 25, 2009

H5N1 Death No.26

This is so depressing , my last three posts are about H5N1 !!!

The ministry of health has announced on Friday that 33 years old  Sadia Mohamed Abdel Latif has died because of H5N1 , she is No.26 in our H5N1 death toll in Egypt. Late Mrs. Sadia from Kafr El-Sheikh was No.64 in our increasing H5N1 infection toll !!

In Alexandria the governor announced war on shops that are selling living poultry, this war or rather campaign to close these shops will continue for  a week.

This is not good and what is worst is the reports coming from Mexico ,Taxes and California about the spread of swine flu. I know it is faraway from us but I can’t stop thinking about those time bombs better known as pigs farms across the country that WHO warned from them over and over.

Now there is a sick governmental debate about where  the government kindly shall remove them !!?? Is it in the new Helwan governorate or October governorate ?? or is it the desert ??

I have better suggestion why does not the government announce the war against living dirty pigs in the same  way it announced the war on the living domestic poultry for precaution reasons !!??

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  1. What do you make of the recent news that the muslim brotherhood is getting close to Hezbollah and ultimately Iran? They have apparently backed Hezbollah in the latest spout with Egyptian authorities.

  2. They have always supported Hezbollah since a very long time . They are not alone in that support by the way.
    What I do not understand is their latest announcement of changing Akaf and supporting GM in constitutional elections.
    But this is not a new thing , they are the MBs ,their political maneuvers are always surprising

  3. Yeah. I found this piece interesting (even though it comes from a dubious source to say the least):


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