Egyptian Chronicles: Kim Jong Il's Latest Masterpiece in Egypt !!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kim Jong Il's Latest Masterpiece in Egypt !!!

From the official DPRK news agency.

It seems that Kim Jong II’s latest book "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea Is the Socialist State of Juche with Invincible Might" is going to be released in Egypt as a pamphlet through Dar Al-Shaab public sector publishing house.

Now first of all what is this silly long name of that book ??

Second publishing this book or rather summarizing it in a tiny pamphlet is a good idea instead of wasting pages in Kim Jong II so called book.

Third it is even much better idea to publish this pamphlet in unknown publishing house that suffers from its managerial and financial problems. 

This is not the first time the public sector publishing houses in Egypt publish such books and pamphlets written by dictators , already the DPRK from time to time has its own official press releases in the newspapers , certain newspapers like El-Aosboa and Al- Masaeya to be precise. Of course Tunisia and Libya have more space not only in official or partisan press but even in the independent opposition press that usually attacks the regime dictatorship !!!!!!!!!!

But again it is not a surprsie when you find someone like Mustafa Bakery being honoured by Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. I know that several newspapers do this for money but this harms the political message they are trying to send to locally from fighting corruption and dictatorship in Egypt !!

The embassies of these countries are not fooling around in Egypt ,still I wonder is not this a waste to their people money which they need so much on useless propaganda stunts !!?? 

Nobody in Egypt reads carefully the latest achievement of Kim Jong II or how Zine El-Abidine managed to make Tunisia the heaven of democracy !!!!

By the way I see that our relationship with North Korea is not that bad despite the fact that the United States and the West do not hide their hate towards the regime there from a very long time. The North Korean Nukes alarm the States even more the Iranian Nukes. We have some how good diplomatic and economic relations with Pyongyang despite the international isolation the country suffers from !!

I have a good idea to raise from Mubarak’s regime in Washington ,instead of entering useless media war with Hezbollah and Iran for Israel , why do not we open a channel between the United States and North Korea if our relations are so good !!?? Seriously , come on do you know that during the Vietnam war Nasser regime opened a channel with North Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh !! But to be honest I do not think our current foreign minister has this insight and ability to play this role internationally !!

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