Egyptian Chronicles: I want to Celebrate it but I just ….

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I want to Celebrate it but I just ….

Today is the 25th of April where Egypt celebrates  the return of Sinai. This year thanks to Mubarak’s policies I am not in the mood to hear Shadia chanting its cheerful song “Sinai is back to us”  , I am only in the mood to hear Saleh Abdel Hai ,the legendary 20th century classical Tarab Singer in his rare song he sang I do not know when about Sinai, I think Saleh was the first one to sing for Sinai before the six days war or even the Suez war !!

Do not get me wrong , the man is a legend in in classical Arabic music ,the lyrics were written by the legendary Bayram el-Tunsi and the music was composed by legendary Ahmed Sadky ,it was the legends meeting anyhow if you listen to it ,you will know how I am not that happy today.

We returned back Sinai officially but we do not feel that we restored our sovereignty completely that to the regime. Those great men from soldiers and officers were not killed so Sinai becomes a resort for foreigners and a jail to its own people !! 

The regime for more than 25 years failed to make the people of Sinai feel that Sinai has returned back to Egypt as real Egyptian territory  and that they are real Egyptian citizens.

It is against the national security of Egypt to consider the people of Sinai who are officially Egyptian Citizens as our enemy or even trying to make them because they are from a different ethnic background. Those people kept their nationality and identity for 6 years despite the temptations of the Israeli occupation to win them in their side. And in return the regime is doing successfully what it can do to lose them. The basic rights like owning the land they live on or even the slightest respect to their traditions and customs are not granted for God Sake !!!

Since the return of Sinai completely “ in the time of Mubarak” there were big promises that Sinai will turn in to the gardens of Eden and President Sadat’s dream to change the demographics of Sinai and to urbanize it in what was so-called the Fairoz project would happen in the end but nothing was fulfilled.

For years now millions of dollars were spent over the Al-Salam canal project and till now we have not seen the results of these projects. We used to write composition  topics in Arabic and English  about its importance in Egypt and how it will change the future of Sinai and also Egypt but years come and go .. nothing changes except more and more hotels opened for foreigners in the South !!!!

The only significant change in the past 8 years is that Mubarak technically has moved from Cairo and Alexandria to Sharm El-Sheikh !!??

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  1. Do you think the Mubarak cllique will be overthrown in the next few years, or is the hold on power too strong. Watching from the U.S it seems like they fell vulnerable since they are arresting and harassing even more opposition leaders, but its hard to know from half way across the world.

  2. I do not know Young Activist, it is even harder for us in Egypt ,yet everything in possible and Egyptian political arena can be surprising from time to time
    Before 1952 no one have ever imagined that the officers of the army would lead a coup d' etat against the king

  3. Just one question I need to ask you : why does your blog has an ads about USA military medals and rent an app in israel!?

    Are you happy with that!?

    Hope not otherwise all what you say about patriotism is...

  4. @Faith , of course not I am happy
    with my all respect I do not have a control on Google ad sense content as you think , it is based on your geographical location !!!


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