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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Very Interesting Timing

Ynet has published a news today that Egypt has arrested an Australian Jew last Wednesday on suspicion of espionage in Luxor. The news source was not Cairo as we have net heard anything about it in the local media but it is rather the regional media.

The source of the news is Emirati Al Bayan that published the news yesterday “18/4”

According to Al-Bayan short report that Australian Jew holds the Australian and Polish passports and he was trying to take photographs and enter some high security sensitive facility in Luxor !!

There is no additional information from Cairo but if the news is true then I expect that there will be more information released by the intelligence in the coming day after the holidays, needless to say it is a golden opportunity to win more sympathy and support in the Arab world. This will make the Egyptian regime looks as the real defender of the Egyptian National security that does not differentiate between a friend and a foe when someone whoever he or she is violates our sovereignty !!

The Egyptian regime knows very well that the majority of the Arab people consider it as a traitor regime that supports the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people especially in Gaza and fights Hezbollah along all other countries and forces in the region that stands against Israel and thus such news “if it is true” may enhance its image a little in the Arab world.

By the way I did not hear anything from the Australian nor Polish press ,may be the news has reached there. The two countries officially are involved in this matter as he is a citizen of both countries.

Time will tell.

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  1. i think Egyptian regime make this up to show how it a defender of the national security and never differentiate between Hizbullah, Iran and Israel, i'll never buy that jewish aussie thing.

  2. It was announced that this tourist is to leave the country after the investigations are done. !


  3. @Bastawisi, why not ??

    @Alaa, really !! is this any attack on our sovereignty ???


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