Egyptian Chronicles: Another H5N1 Human Infection case in less than 72 hours

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another H5N1 Human Infection case in less than 72 hours

This is not good.
The ministry of health has announced today that year and half Manar Ibrahim Zidan is No.66 in the H5N1 human infection roll in Egypt. This is so fast , it is less than 48 hours from the announcement of Case No.65 !!
Baby Manar is from a village in Kafr El-Sheikh ,Delta, there were several case from Kafr El-Sheikh this year, I recall case No.64 Mrs. Sadia is from Kafr El-Sheikh too . I hope someone will make a map like the one posted last year with the infections locations and compared it with last year’s map. I think Al-Fayoum,Bahaira and Kafr El-Sheikh are the top governorates with the highest H5N1 infection rate.
It seems that we are going to back to babies with H5N1 after all. Anyhow Manar has entered the hospital on the 15th of April and she was given Tamflu and thank God her condition is stable .
This report from Recombinomics is very important ,also there are links for the Avian flu infection distribution map in Egypt. 
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  1. Hi, dropping by via Yahoo search engine..

    Feel free to make fwens.. shall we?


  2. They all have those pigeon houses and the pigeons mix with the chickens. What do you expect. Even Shaboula commercials obviously don't get rid of the problem.

  3. Kafr El-Sheikh woman critically ill with bird flu

    By AFP
    First Published: April 16, 2009
    CAIRO: A 33-year-old woman has contracted bird flu, the 64th recorded case since the first outbreak of the disease in Egypt in 2006, the health ministry announced on Wednesday.

    The woman from the Kafr El-Sheikh province of northern Egypt is in critical condition and on an artificial respirator, state-run news agency MENA quoted a health ministry official as saying.

    She first showed symptoms of the flu more than a week ago after being exposed to dead fowl thought to have been carrying the disease, the official said.

    Egypt has seen an increase in bird flu cases over the past month. The World Health Organization (WHO) called last month for an investigation into why many of the victims have been young children.

    Twenty-three people have died of bird flu in Egypt. Most of the victims have been young girls or women, who are generally in charge of looking after poultry in rural areas.

    Egypt hosted an international conference on bird flu in October, when Washington pledged an additional $320 million to the fight against the disease amid fears it may yet escalate into a global pandemic.

    The H5N1 strain of the virus that is most dangerous to humans first emerged in Asia in 2003 and has since caused nearly 250 deaths, according to WHO figures.

    Scientists fear that a mutation of the bird flu virus resulting in a strain easily transmitted among humans could create a pandemic, potentially affecting up to one-fifth of the world's population. –AFP

  4. @C's, thanks for dropping be and good luck

    @Sonnet, me too

    @anonymous,not all houses got pigoens towers , they have that domestic poultry which are let loose in the house to mingle with kids, you need more than Shaboolo to educate the people about the dangers of H5N1

    @anonymous#2,thanks for the report

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