Thursday, May 21, 2009

After the verdict

it seems that the Hisham Talaat Mustafa will steal the spot lights from the sudden death of Mohamed Mubarak after all. Here is what I think about the verdict but there are some points I want to clarify first  :

  • First of all when the judge says that that the papers of the convicted will be sent to the grand Mufti for consulting means in most situations that that convicted will face the death penalty. The death penalty needs the opinion of the grand Mufti to support it from the religious point of view ,the Sharia point of view to fulfill justice.It is not everyday that you order the death of someone.
  • In most cases if not all of them the grand Mufti approves and supports the judge’s verdict.
  • second in case of Hisham and Sokary,the judge will announce the final verdict on the next 25th of June 2009 ,which is nearly about month and 5 days ,I believe it is a long period to stand in the death row.
  • Third when the judge announces the final verdict , the lawyers of the convicted will have the right to veto.
  • In the veto court the judge does not investigate the evidence or the details of the case but investigate the procedures of the first judge’s verdict and whether it is 100% legally correct or not , if the Veto courts find that it is not 100% correct , it will send it back to the court but in another district I believe.
  • The Publication ban order is lifted as soon as the judge has announced the verdict.
  • Judge Mohamdi Konswah is known for his tough verdicts.

Now back to my thoughts about the trial.

- I expected this verdict somehow because of its political and social significance :

1- The Egyptian Government does not protect its men ,the NDP men,the businessmen tycoon regardless of how big they are and how strong their connection with Mubarak’s family is.

2-There is no difference between a businessman tycoon, former state security officer and a poor man who are accused of murder ,they will face the death penalty judgment.

3- There are three countries involved in the case besides Egypt : UAE , UK and Lebanon , already there were rumors in UAE last year that Egypt wanted to prosecute both men in the country in order to give an opportunity to Hisham to flee the punishment.

There is another reason I believe this verdict came in this way. It will be a good opportunity to make the people busy in summer time in stuff other than wondering about the President’s health after the sudden loss of his grandson  !!

Concerning the trial itself to be honest up till now  I am puzzled and the fact that the publication ban was imposed during the trial makes me feel that there are facts being hidden from the public, of course now everything should be announced from the defense arguments to the prosecution arguments… etc. Up till now I am not totally convinced that it is 100% a passion crime , I believe that it is more than that. Hisham sued Suzanne Switzerland to get back $30 million dollars he gave it to her !!! The transcripts of Suzanne’s calls with Hisham’s aide implies that she knew something that gave her power against Hisham and his men.

This is just the start of another round from Suzanne Tamim murder trial circus in town


  1. This is what happen when you didnt obey Allah swt teachings and forget about the hereafter. You follow your desire and destroyed your life for nothing. Instead putting your energy, wealth to help the poor, send the poors to perform umrah, haj, gave apartments for the people who can't afford to have one or to poor young married couple, orphanage, money to help the poor chilren for education and get sawab for it, you gave it to your desire, womanizer and spent all your wealth for zina and haram! because of that you get the punishment from Allah swt.

  2. No matter what are the reason for this! but when I heard about it ! I was shocked ! I always thought he would come out and become a free man! but to go to Mufti el Gomhoreya ! that is BEYOND my expectations and the 70 million Egyptians!!! soubhan Allah

  3. right u are anonymous it's because they 4got they all deserve it kol wa7ed 7ad gaza2o....wlesa!...es7oo out yr is not 4ever it has an end kol 7aga wleeha nehaya....rabena yer7amna...wysame7na


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