Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Giza Zoo Needs You Amina

I understand the anger of animals rights organizations in Egypt and outside for the slaughter of pigs currently, I understand it and ef8ab4ae67e983f584e31db859dc4ffb respect it , it is their job but what I do not understand is that those animals rights organizations especially the local one headed by Amina Abaza ignore the tragedy existing in Giza Zoo !!

Why do not these organization object on the inhuman conditions the animals live in the zoo and do something for real to save them?

Why does not Amina Abaza launch a real campaign to restore the glory of the oldest zoo in the region and the second zoo in the world ??

Why does not she speak with her relative minister Amin Abaza about the zoo ??

I will not say that Amina Abaza is an A Class lady living in Lala Land who does not know or even care that there are many Egyptians who do not enjoy their least human rights including those garbage collectors who live in the same place with pigs or those other poor Egyptians Amr El-Lathy show in his TV show where they live and sleep with animals in the same room.

I will say that she really does what she believes in and again I will respect her for that but if she really is the voice of the animals ,then she should speak on behalf of all animals for real whether out or in cages !!

Amina ,the daughter of famous author Tharwat Abaza is mentioned by the way in the latest single for Shabaan Abdel Rahim who is attacking her for defending the pigs in Mona El-Shazely show. El-Shazely is mentioned in the song too and is attacked for the first time for hosting Abaza and Oscar ,the dog ambassador of animals rights.

Mona hosted Oscar,the dog ambassador of animals rights worldwide and Amina in her show last week in a very comic show to be honest with my all due respect to Amina, Oscar and his owner. Oscar wanted to meet both the minister of Agriculture and the minister of interior , of course it did not happen, already I can’t stop myself from thinking what would have happened if Habib Al-Adly met Oscar !!


  1. بيقابلهم كل ساعة و حياتك ;)

  2. Have you heard about any people in Egypt that are in serious condition, with suspected swine flu? I heard of an Italian tourist in intensive care.

  3. @mido ,lol

    @anonymous, no I have not are you sure ??

  4. who said she don't contribute in "ignore the tragedy existing in Giza Zoo"?
    check out this link

  5. Giza Zoo is the most pathetic Zoo I ever visited. Sorry to say this but this is the truth. How come they put dogs in cage in the zoo? Egypt is North Africa but the elephant is very only 3 in the zoo and last time I was there, two were sicked and changed to the ground and one was ok! Giraffe also the same thing, only 3 and cage is tooo small for giraffe to move about! The Reptilia hall was a shame, lots of boxes were empty with no animals and the zoo surroundings were so dirty with trash and the animal look sicked and hungry! Minister of Tourism or whoever responsible for this matter is not doing anything to help the situation at the Zoo! This animals need some big companies in Egypt to sponsor them to bring money e.g. tigers,lions, elephant, giraffe and Egyptians need to be told to throw trash in the trash bin not on the street especially after they have picnic inside the zoo! so shame.

  6. Totally agree with you Z; When I last visited the Lion keepers thought it would make people happy if they were to pull the fur from the maine of the Lion to make it roar- no Egyptians complained to him and I was left in broken Arabic explaining to him that his actions are against God- many of these people have no limits to what they would do for tips! On the other note the monkey keepers were very kind to the monkey's. They should put up the price of the tickets and kick out all those people that sit around just for the fact its cheap- many young men with no where else to go make the animals in the zoo suffer- but typically there is no logic in treating either the keepers well or the animals- theres no way the animals eat the amount of feed they should get. The Zoo is a sign of Egypt- left to decay by lack of responsibility and logic.

  7. @Bastiwsi , and what actual steps she really took to save the Giza zoo taking in to consideration that the current minister of agriculture is her relative ??

    @anonymous#1 ,it is ministry of agriculture that owns the zoo unfortunately , I think I am lucky as I visited the zoo when there were more 3 elephants :(

    @anonymous raising up the price of the ticket is not the solution especially we are talking about the family attraction no.1 in Egypt for working class in Egypt , fight corruption and you will have enough money to have an independent fund for the zoo
    I forget to tell you that guards themselves are suffering just like the animals :(

  8. Hello Zenobia
    Thank you for being a so civilized Egyptian young lady.
    You are right about the Zoo , but I have attacked the zoo managers for years and even made scandals about it until the new president of the Zoo arrived his name is Dr Nabil Sedky , he is the first one who admitted that the zoo was a mess, we give him time to develop the zoo...I am agressive and know how to fight, but fighting all the time is stupid...Let us give the new peresident a chance to change. Also if you wish I can give you his email...He is a civilised person believe me.

  9. Also Zenobia , I am happy that you thought my show was comic on "El #aashera Massaa"...I always liked to make people laugh, but this time this was not my target, I wanted Oscar to meet Habib el 3Adly to ask him for MERCY is been 40 years that they murder, shoot and poison the dogs in Egypt , let them agonize for hours or days in the middle of the street, we only wanted to ask Mr El Adly that Egypt the very civilsed Egypt should change her barbaric methods and use a more civilised one THAT WE WILL FINANCE with our contacts, so we will act in a civilised way, protect people from Rabies and controle the stray dogs in a scientific still think we were funny ????

  10. Not only is SPARE/Amina toiling to save as many severely abused animals off the street but also trying to raise SOME kind of animal rights awareness in Egypt- perhaps the first thing that needs to be addressed & brought to light. Hence the Oscar might find it funny but I certainly don't.
    Humans suffer from "speciesism"...just like racism, sexism etc...we discriminate against animals because we see them as a lower form of being.

    And yes, the Giza zoo is a complete freaking nightmare that needs to be addressed immediately, along with the atrocious/dangerous manner by which strays are disposed & massacred, the live animal vivisection that occurs at notorious medical insititutions, the dog & cat hoarders, the vile & vicious pet stores, the grisly treatment of livestock in slaughterhouses, the whole pig cull fiasco, the greedy breeders, abused & tortured animals on the street...need I go on?
    The pitiful thing is that SPARE receives no government's a completely independent financed institution funded by good samiritans who care about animals- predominantly people from europe/US.

    Without any animal rights legislation or awareness the zoo and all the other animal offenses will continue to go on. So if Oscar is going to be utilized as a media blitz to create community awareness about animals then that should be regarded as a good thing.

    You also need to get your facts straight since Amina & SPARE has been a strong voice against the whole zoo situation for several years now.

  11. zenobia. i think it's great that you hope for a better future for you and your country (as listed in your profile info).

    however, your country getting better will take a lot more than hoping, i'm afraid. it will take people actually DOING something for things to change.

    first of all, you should get your facts straight before attacking people like amina, who have dedicated their lives to making "your country" a better place.

    second, if you care so much about the animals at the zoo, why aren't you doing something about it yourself? (and please don't say 'it's not my job'. this is exactly the reason why nothing changes). why didn't you offer to help SPARE? why didn't you write a petition and present it to the zoo? why didn't you fundraise? why aren't you trying to create awareness? why don't you go to the zoo and speak to the managers? criticising people is well and good, but it should come from someone who does a little bit more than 'hope for a better future for me and my country.' it gives a lot more weight to your words, and makes you a much more credible critic.

    third. you seem to be contradicting yourself in your blog. first, you want better conditions for the animals in the zoo. then, you think the fact that oscar coming to cairo is funny... it really doesn't make sense to me. there is obviously more in common between you and sha3ban 3abd el reheem than i'd like to think. which doesn't give ME a lot of hope for my country.

    and that is such a big shame.

  12. @Mrs.Amina Abaza, thank you so much for coming and commenting on the post
    I really wish that the new manager will be the man of his word , my lady he has to admit it after it was announced that the second oldest zoo in the world is expelled from the world association of zoos and aquariums
    He has to admit it because this is the reality but what he will really do in front of years of corruption in the ministry and in the zoo itself, I hope he really does because may be you see the matter from animal rights matter where as I see it from a national and political matter
    Everything with history in this country is destroyed in a way or another for the sake of greedy businessmen not to mention the rumors of the Israeli Embassy's involvement in possible closure for the zoo.
    Now regarding Oscar my dear lady how can Oscar ask El-Adly for Mercy for his fellow animals and El-Adly men do not show mercy for their fellow men !!?
    Mrs. Amina I will not lie with you but do you think that the human rights in Egypt are so fine and great so we can ask our interior minister to respect the animal rights !!?? Humans themselves are abused.
    Believe me my lady I understand your concern and I will not lie on , I am frank here
    but let me speak from marketing point of view , I studied business administration and marketing and I believe that your campaign won't work in Egypt in this way , my dear lady your campaign only made it to the headlines thanks to Oscar but as funny news not as serious news ,it did not make headlines like Agrium campaign or the banning of gas to Israel campaign , true or false ,why ??
    simply because you are using ways that suit Europe not Egypt
    Let's be frank you do not need Oscar ,this will make the majority of Egyptians laugh and suspect your campaign to be real one, this is true thing , call the majority of the people ignorant ,call them whatever you want but they are target you want to address, you won't wait the government to interfere you want to change people's habit
    Go to the press , go to the facebook ,write in Arabic blogs and readers' mail, plan for a sit- in in front of the zoo or even in front of the journalists syndication , if it were for me I would recommend that S.P.A.R.E would go for partnership with either Al-Sakkia or even better Amr Khalid's right star organization,if Amr Khalid appears on TV and speaks about the animal rights in Islam ,you will be amazed by the results
    Stay away from international animals rights organizations as much as you can , let it be local , do not focus on A class or B class, in fact direct your efforts to the C working Class because they are the people who mostly deal with animals ,use their language , use Shabaan Abdel Rahim whom I am sure you can't tolerate in order to reach to them , again go to religion
    Think about the people before the animals especially now Mrs. Amina , our country is heading towards what God only knows from uncertainty
    Again I respect your work and activism

    @Heba,I respect your enthusiasm about S.P.A.R.E but pardon me if I did not hear much about S.P.A.R.E regarding the zoo in our media or outside it

    @anonymous , I am sorry that I do not give you too much hope in our country in fact your comment which shows huge disrespect towards the other opinion is the one that makes me understand why we are still faraway from democratic countries for real ,it is not about dictatorship regime
    I think you are the one who should get its facts straight regarding me and my blog before speaking with my all respect
    Mrs. Amina cares for Animals in Egypt , I care for Egypt in one package.


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