Monday, May 18, 2009

A Rare Unpleasant Mention

In a very rare mention in the Egyptian media it has been announced that Mohamed Alaa Hosni Mubarak to be sick indirectly in news regarding his grandmother Suzanne Mubarak. Mrs. Mubarak was going to visit London where should was going to be honoured by the Royal society of Medicine. “Do not even ask !!”
but according to MENA she apologized for not going because she wanted to make sure of her grandson Mohamed Alaa Mubarak’s condition and that is it !! It is unpleasant mention ,it is not as if she had to miss the event because she would attend his football match or his play in the school !!
First of all I hope that Mohamed JR will recover soon insh Allah , it is not his fault that he is the grandson of an Arab President labeled mostly as dictator. Second I hope that it is not serious because little flu won’t make his grandma cancel her official trip for sure. I hope this reason would be real and it won’t be a public stunt or a cover for something even more serious.
Mohamed is the eldest  son of Alaa Mubarak. He is named after his grandfather where as his younger brother Omar is named after Omar Soliman as the later saved Mubarak’s life in Ethiopia. Mohamed was born in the United States of America.  I think he is about 11 years old or something now.
I am surprised of course because this is first time there is a direct official mentions of him in the media in this way. The Mubaraks some how are private when it comes to their grandsons whom we rarely see except may be in major football events when their father Alaa and once in the air forces gala party in October celebration.
Again I hope that there is nothing serious on any level.In the end he is just a child.
After I published  the news it seems that late at night it was announced that Mohamed was very sick and he was transferred to Paris for treatment then later it was announced that he passed away there and his body would return back home to Egypt in the coming hours. 
May Allah bless his soul , he was just 13 years old and it is enough that he is in heaven now. My condolence to his family. 


  1. your post is bitter and unpleasant. A publicity stunt! Are you serious? And about our First Lady being honoured by the RSM - what objections could you possibly have to that? Not only is it a positive reflection on us, as Egyptians but, it is a genuine and authentic recognition of services she rendered. The RSM is a non-political organisation and respectable oganisation with a proud history. The honour is deserved.

    Furthermore, should you want to critique a leader, do so objectively on the basis of his policies and do not bring his family into it and personalise your comments. To do so is very ungracious.

    If all those who criticise just stood up and took a good look around them, they might wake up to the truth - MUBARAK HAS DONE A GREAT DEAL FOR EGYPT AND HIS CAREER OF SERVICE TO THE COUNTRY DATES BACK LONG BEFORE HE WAS EVER PRESIDENT. Please be more objective

  2. Wow, State Security has really advanced in techniques and language level. I'm REALLY amazed.

  3. hahahaa agreed Mohamed. Kinda surprised to see such a serious remarks about Mubarak and he kinda emotional too as though he personally knows President Mubarak life and his family. I dont know what great deal that Mubarak has done to the country coz all we see is misery, poverty, disrespectful, social crisis, unemployment, prostitution, bad health and education system and NO LAW at all! The funny thing is, he should wake up and look around what is going on in Egypt right now and not the other way round! Mubarak is not worried about his children and grand children future, they all taken care off and having dual citizenship is another advantage!

  4. "Wow, State Security has really advanced in techniques and language level. I'm REALLY amazed."


  5. I totaly agree with every word the first anonymous said, that this post is bitter and unpleasant!!!! who the hell are you to write such a wicked post about one's personal life even if he is a public figure!!!!This is his personal life,his family,his poor grandson,his PRIVACY!! You should be sorry for what you have posted! ITS A SHAME!!
    And by the way,Mubarak's family has done a lot to egypt and you should be proud.

  6. whoever wrote this news is heartless, Mohamed was seriously ill and God took him back few hours ago...people please have a heart...AND stop judging before you know the truth first...

  7. I just saw in aljazeera that the kid is dead, is that true? if so, it's really sad, may God bless him...

  8. I agree with the first comment. Knowing Ms. Mubarak's level of activity and enthusiasm, she would NOT cancel such an important trip (one that you were unfortunately very obective about, and you are very well aware that she does good with all her development work) unless there was something of utmost importance here.

    And now, the BBC has reported the death of her grandchild. Not one person that I have spoken to is not affected negatively by this news. I always love reading your posts because you're always objective. I also know that you wished that the grandson would be better soon. However, you undermined the reason behind canceling her trip. That was not right, I am very sorry to say. As was mentioned, there private lives ALWAYS remained private- so when she apologizes and mentions her grandson, she should be given the necessary credibility...

    Good day to you

  9. أكد مراسل بي بي سي في القاهرة نبأ وفاة الحفيد الأكبر للرئيس المصري حسني مبارك.

    وكانت أنباء قد ترددت منذ يومين عن تعرض محمد علاء مبارك(13 عاما) لأزمة صحية حادة.

  10. Everybody cool down, please. No body wants to hear of a child suffering whether that of a famous person or a pauper. Keeping the politics out of the whole picture. This is a family in distress because of a very sick child. How sick? No one knows and at this point in time, is it important? I don't think so. I personally don't care about any of that except the child and his suffering. Yes, when a child suffers, the whole family suffers along. Been there done that. So, the child deserves empathy and so does the whole family considering the situation and not the politics and show behind all this. My humble opinion anyhow!


    publicity stunt?

  12. For everyone who comes to attack me ,please check again the post and the updated post.
    When I wrote this ,there was no available information about Mohamed's health except the vague statement of our ambassador
    May God bless his soul , he is already in heaven

  13. i can not believe myself! i can not even think of somthing to write in the post.

    have a heart people,they have feelings just like us and the they need to grief alone.and certainly they dnt need this.some people ,wrote stuff in this post that are very insenstive.i really hope that this post ,would end here.thank you

  14. i do not now why was my post refused the first time i tried to try agian all i sad was people please have heart.this post is very insentive and please just let them grief alone.where is the insult here ? because this post was refused and i dnt know if it will be posted or not

  15. Dear anonymous, did you read the update of the post ?? did you even read my comment which is above yours or even the my updated the post before attacking me because it seems that you did not I am afraid and this bothers me

  16. Hallelujah for the State Security, may Hitler Himself give you his blessings.

  17. Zeinobia, you were right, I dont understand why people come in here and attack you because of your article regarding Mrs. Mubarak. You didnt know that for sure her grandson is seriously sicked and it was not clear and you didnt say anything wrong about it so people dont get too emotional and attacking for no reason! instead of attacking Zeinobia, y'all should pray and make doa' for the deceased and may Allah place him in Jannah.

  18. people this is NOT about suzan it is about mohammed{rip] even though he is in heven that does not give you guys the rite to fight over him over a blog ... does it? NO! so please stop this now it just not fair


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