Saturday, May 9, 2009

Welcome to Cairo Mr. Obama !!!

It seems that  Obama is going to;address the Muslim World From Egypt after all !!
Did not he already address the Muslim world from Turkey ?? Anyhow  I love the fact that we are still considered the “Heart of the Arab world”
Cairo is the true choice as the heart of the Arab world indeed with its weight and history in the region ,it would be the prefect place to address the Arab Muslim world despite the fact that its regime is considered Pro-American but on the other hand Obama can’t say that speech in other countries in the region whether for security measures or for political measures “French influence zone” or for influence measures.
I swear if the news has not come from America ,I would not buy it !! It seems the relations with Cairo are good again.
But I wonder how the security will be in Cairo then and where he will say that speech taken in consideration it will not be like his speech in Germany. Will it be from the parliament or from Al-Azhar or from the Presidential palace or even Abdeen Palace which only is opened from VIPs guests when Mubarak wants to impress them like in the case of Putin from several years ago.
Welcome to Cairo Mr.Obama if you are a true friend who wants to send a true message of peace to the Muslim World.
I will be waiting for this speech from now.
Obama will say his speech on the 4th of June 2009 FYI


  1. مش عارف بصراحة ايه المفرح فى الامر ؟

    ده معناه تقوية للنظام الفاشى على حساب مصر

  2. pandering Muslims Mr.Obama will never bring your nation peace, you will see.

  3. check out this well written blog:

  4. @Mido,well I am not sad nor I am 100% happy but I feel good that my country is considered important in the region
    regarding the democracy issue , well dear I never put hopes on the American administrations whether in time of Obama or time of Bush, in fact I refuse this technique because it is useless people

    @Bastawisi, I checked SN's post ,I respect his view but I have mine, I do not know what is the harm of receiving the man in the country to say his speech !!


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