Thursday, July 9, 2009

He Was Not The Vice President Then

The Arabic Media in the past 2 days kept speaking about the so-called confession of Saddam Hussein to the FBI as if they were new historical revelations we do not know.

Most Egyptian media focused on what the Iraqi former President had said regarding the Iraqi military participation in Youm Kippur War 1973,  the Iraqi forces just like other Arabic forces had joined Syria and Egypt in their quest to return their land in 1973. Iraq joined on both fronts but on the Syrian front more than the Egyptian front. Now this is not my issue here , Saddam and the FBI can’t see what ever they want but there is one point I am amazed most our media is neglecting.

Among the so-called confession is how Vice President Mubarak in 1973 went to Iraq to ask for air forces aid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hosni Mubarak was not a vice president then !! He was chosen in 1975 for God Sake !!!

I am stunned at how our newspapers and e-newspapers publish the news as it is without correcting it or even adding a note concerning this historical mistake.


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  3. I am not stunned because many sites just copy and past even with the spelling mistakes so how about the accuracy of the info?

    Away from the mistake that you caught, as much as I read in the past, Iraq helped on the Syrian front and supported both Ground and Arifroces but I don't remember that it was for Egypt because the strike were done by the Egyptian Airforce. But maybe this was a plan for back-up!

  4. Zeinobia, check this link in Arabicحرب_أكتوبر


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