Saturday, July 4, 2009

They Seemed To Respect Him so Much !!


This photo was taken in East Jerusalem in the Six Day war after the Israeli invasion to this part of the city. You can see the Israeli soldiers holding late King Hussein picture upside down in a sign of huge disrespect and hate , after all he was an Arab king for them !!

King Hussein after that by 6 years took a plan to inform their prime minister that Egypt and Syria were planning to attack to restore their land !!

You know after remembering what he had done in 1973 which can’t be justified in any term , I believe he deserves to have his pictures upside down like this by his own allies !!


  1. Everyone knows he was a Zionist and a freemason. You should write about the freemasons. Now that would be interesting.

    His son is cut from the same cloth.

  2. Do you really expect Israeli soldiers to be experts in Arab culture? How were the Israeli soldiers supposed to know that holding King Hussein's picture upside down was a sign of huge disrespect and hate? Calm down.

    Anonymous #1, King Hussein was a Zionist? I think that you are joking and trying to see what you can get away with on Dear Zeinobia's blog.

  3. @anonymous #1, I once wrote about the claims regarding being Freemason , I do not know about Zionist thing
    Regarding his son , I can't say that he is a Freemason as simply as that

    @anonymous#2 does holding the photo of your enemy "officially" and walking like that in your enemy's land has another meaning than insult !!? I am calm I am just sharing with the world how the Israelis respected their hidden ally

  4. Holding a picture upside down means nothing in Western culture, including Israeli culture. The soldiers just happened to be carrying the picture that way and were not even aware it was upside down. Just because holding a picture upside down is an insult in Arab culture does not mean it is universal.

  5. yeah yeah and I was yesterday !!!!!
    Can you please tell why they were holding his picture and walking in pride like that then ??

  6. lol at second comment it clearly shows them mocking arabs and the traitor king... if u dont see this fact you stuipd and i agree with you zeinobia.


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