Saturday, August 22, 2009

H1N1 Follow Up in Egypt : Rumor Time

First of all there is a strong rumor in Egypt the minister of health had to deny himself today in the press :

Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif has not been infected by the swine flue

Of course the rumor was the most interesting news of the weekend , imagine if it is true , yes the swine flu scored celebs including presidents but it is well known how Nazif is popular in Egypt !!


Now to our usual follow up starting from last Wednesday the 19th of August :

  • On Wednesday 19th the ministry of health has announced the infection of 17 cases by H1N1 ; 14 cases are Egyptians , two came from Spain, one from Malaysia ,10 cases care connected to previous infected cases and one is not connected with any previous infected cases. The other 3 cases were as follows : 2 from Saudi Arabia and one is from Malaysia.
  • On Thursday the 20th the ministry of health has announced the infection of 16 cases by H1N1 ; 11 of them are Egyptians ; one  came from UK, one  came from Saudi Arab, One came from Australia , one has no connection with previous discovered infected cases and 7 connected to previous discovered cases. The foreign cases are as follows : 4 Israelis from Arab 48 coming from Israel and one from Britain.
  • On Friday 21st the ministry of health has announced the infection of 9 case by H1N1 ; 7 cases are Egyptians , one is coming from Saudi Arabia from Omra, 3 cases are connected to previous  discovered infected cases where as the remaining three have connect what so to previous discovered infected case. The other  foreign cases are as follow : One Saudi coming from Saudi Arabia and the second is  British coming from the UK
  • On Saturday the 22nd the ministry of health has announced the infection of 39 new cases in Egypt , I think this is the highest number of infection cases in a single day. Our infection toll has reached to 590 !!

You may not be surprised because it turned out that the 20 junior swimmers from the Zamalak swimming junior were infected in one shot by the H1N1 !!

By the way some sources are saying that the Ahly Club suffered from something similar with no further detail regarding that something !!!!

The ministry of health issued a report about the H1N1 situation in Egypt on last Thursday stating that 46.4 % of the total infected cases in Egypt are less than 20 years old where as 8.1% of the total cases are older than 45 years old .

Regionally Oman reported 2 H1N1 fatal cases in the Sultana ; the H1N1 death toll there reached to 4 accordingly. it is worth to mention that the ministry of education there decided to delay the school year.


  1. I'll bet my hat that there are many unreported cases of H1N1 that are simply not that severe. The symptoms aren't that different from other influenzas and lots of people have had the flu lately.

  2. This is what I fear dear Maryanne and knowing our ministry of health and their hospitals I fear more and more


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