Egyptian Chronicles: Powerful Interview For a Repsectable Judge

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Powerful Interview For a Repsectable Judge

Al Masry Al Youm published on two parts a long ,interesting, insightful and strong interview with Judge Hisham El-Bastawasi
Here is part 1
Here is part 2
There are shocking details in the interviews on how the regime fought the honorable judge for is calling for the real independence of judiciary
1- He had to leave to work in Kuwait because he felt that he was surrounded in Egypt , it is enough to know that he was banned from travel 3 times in less than  one year.
2- The regime tried to frame him once by a fake sexual scandal "I believe this gentleman was suffering from a heart disease" !!
3-He knew that they tried to fame an espionage case for him.
4-They put eavesdropping equipment in his house.
5-The regime sometimes chooses specific judges to rule in some specific cases in some area to ensure their control
Judge Bastawsi warned from the absence of the judicial supervision in the coming elections saying that it would be worse than the setback of 1967
I know that the judge will be under the fire but I think he is used to.
His interview made me know that I am not wrong for keeping that banner on the left corner of my blog all those years.
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  1. كل عام وأنت ووالدتك وأسرتك كلها بكل خير وصحة وراحة بال يا زي ... عن معرفة شخصية مباشرة بالعديد من تيار الإستقلال والكثير من القضاة ورجال النيابة العامة صدقيني عندما أقول لك أنهم في الأغلب الأعم مثل البسطويسي والخضيري وحسام الغرياني ومكي والبارودي وغيرهم وما يواجهونه الآن ستكشف عنه السنوات القادمة فالآن ليس من الممكن بل من المستحيل نشر كل شئ .... أحتفظي بالبانر كما أحتفظ به أنا الآن وغداً لناظره قريب بإذن الله

  2. مولانا افندنيا كل عام و حضرتك و الاسرة الكريمة بخير انشا الله
    اتمنى ان اتشرف بمعرفة التيار المستقل فى القضاء
    و اتمنى اكثر ان ذلك الغد يكون قريب جدا انشا الله


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