Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Real Iron Woman


Do you know why or how the iron lady returned back to Egypt after more than 20 years in Greece ??

It turned out that Huda Hanam has won a LE 54 million compensation lawsuit against the Egyptian government from several months ago , Huda threatened to go to international courts as a Greek citizen in a move similar to Wagieh Siag if the government does not reach to deal with  her and freeze the jail order waiting for her.

For three months there were secret negotiations between Huda and the Egyptian government and both parties agreed to the following terms :

  • Huda would not enter the jail if she came to Egypt.
  • Her debts in the Egyptian banks will be liquidated “they are equal to LE 40 millions”
  • Huda will be given LE 54 millions !!
  • Huda wins and the Egyptian state loses !!!!

She is a REAL IRON WOMAN for sure !!

By the way this woman is not a university graduate.

I am waiting for Wael Al Abrashi to have an interview with her , yes Wael not Amr because Wael Al Abrashi used to follow her in Greece.


  1. what the hell is this !!
    how this could happen and for what she gains all of this money and get all these free gifts
    oh my god am so very angry

  2. From what I read the public prosecutor initiated a new case or retrial against her. So, it makes no sense to say that part of the deal was for her not to go to jail. Also, isnt she right now under custody?
    I read on Alrabyia that she claimed that she paid off all her debts to banks in Egypt (national and private) as well as other entities as well as any taxes she owed to the government. She also claimed that the gov bought some assets she owned for far less than their real values!!
    When will the ministry of foreign affairs compile a file about those seeking refuge in the US or Europe using false information?! Didnt she claim she was persecuted because she converted?
    When will the names of the two ministers who helped her escape be publicly announced? A law suite should be brought against them for abusing their powers to assist a wanted person escape justice, that is a crime by itself and for civil compensation for those who lost their money thanks to their actions is assisting her to escape justice.

  3. its very's that..??

    this is the first time i hear that sm1 wins against Egyptian state...hehee hilariouse..!!!!

  4. @MOhamed Saad, you have to be

    @anonymous , a woman like that won't step a foot except she knows it is safe for her to come , Huda's lawyer was in the airport , for God sake a minister at least helped her and he is currently a MB !!
    It is good you brought up Huda's conversion story , thanks for reminding me ,this even makes me more angrier

    @anonymous, she is not the first ,Wagieh Saig also won a case in front of the European courts and currently some of our assets are frozen outside

  5. The Siag saga turned ugly thanks to the irresponsible actions of some gov officials. They violated the rules of the contract and refused to compensate according to the contract. Had they done so, a)he wouldnt have a case and b) we wouldnt have to pay the huge sums we now have to pay and by we I mean the Egyptian ppl. This is not the only case Egypt lost before an Int arbitration tribunal. As one of my Spanish friends who did her master on Arbitration law told me how come your country is loosing all of its arbitration cases and for huge amounts, do the ppl care for all that money?!! who was responsible for the decision to pull back the lands that were given to him, who made the decision not to compensate him? who made the decision not to try and settle amicably and away from arbitration or courts? who is responsible for arbitration clauses laid left and right in gov and state contracts, which means that in the case of a dispute the cost of solving the issue will probably be higher and even worse if the specified tribunal is abroad? Many questions, many real questions that would matter for those who care for this country but no one knows and no one cares.

  6. Why the emphasis on whether she has a university degree?? Today university degrees mean nothing in Egypt, at least the private sector.


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